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La Nina Watch Issued


Two great forecasters, Larry Schick and Joe Bastardi have good news. The Grand Pubah of Powder, Larry Schick, is calling for another banner winter. This is good news for skiers and snowboarders and those of us that make our living in ski towns.

I could handle another season of this

A La Nina Watch has been issued by The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, which means, while it’s not a sure thing quite yet, chances are pretty good for another great winter. However, if the ENSO cycle does not switch back to La Nina, they are predicting a Neutral year, which usually means good but less violent storms. So not bad either way.

The real news from Mr. Schick is the snowpack still lingering from last season. According to him,

“the snow has not completely melted above 5000ft here in the Cascades – that is pretty rare. Some areas are reporting their highest August 10 snow depth – snow will stop melting by September and already melt is slowing in higher elevations (and no heat waves in sight) so I expect carry over snowpack – this is how ice ages begin!”

Ice age! Now that would be good for the ski industry. Just saying.

The next ENSO update will be issued the first week of September. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

According to Joe Bastardi, not only will this winter be good, but so will the following three years. In fact, he’s predicting winters similar to the late 1970s, the good old days when I was just a young skier catching snowflakes on my tongue. He credits the negative Pacific Decadal Oscillation, solar activity and recent volcanic eruptions. Let’s hope he’s right.

Winter Forecast


Hola La Nina!  Big, deep snows coming our way.   Look out world, the center of the skiing universe might just be hovering over the pacific northwest this winter.  Yeehaw!  Check out this link.  http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/34891/winter-2011-heavier-snow-for-c.asp