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Without Further Ado: The Mt. Rainier Gondola


John and I know a thing or two about waiting. When he was sick, we waited for word from his doctors. Praying they would find a liver donor before the cancer spread, our lives were reduced to small increments–manageable time chunks that we could survive. Sometimes we got through just fifteen minutes at a time.

So, when Crystal Mountain’s new Mt. Rainier Gondola was delayed last month, people asked me how we were handling the stress. I just smiled. Waiting for the Gondola was nothing.

After waiting for a liver transplant and surviving cancer, nothing ever feels too big anymore. In fact, I want to capture every precious moment and put it in my pocket. Yesterday the Gondola opened to a sunny, windless day at Crystal.  John and I cut the ribbon, rode to the top and held our arms out wide and the beautiful world.

It was a day to hold in my pocket. Watching little children, their arms held out straight from the twenty-five sweaters and pairs of long underwear beneath their snowsuits, line up in front of Mt. Rainier for photographs, I felt triumphant. When John first came to Crystal fourteen years ago, he envisioned a gondola to the summit.  Yesterday that dream became a reality.  I love it when a plan comes together.