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National High-Five Day: Give me some skin


Reach out and high-five someone

Today is National High-Five Day. That means you can run around the office/house/ski hill and randomly offer/ask for high-fives. It means that if someone else wants to demonstrate enthusiasm, you must return some skin. High-fives are free, they’re fun and they make both parties feel good. There’s nothing quite like connecting a good high-five, where the sting lasts in your palm for a few moments and you share a real, live, in-the-flesh moment with another person.

Find a reason to celebrate your enthusiasm today. Far too often we hide our excitement, preferring to “play it cool”. But time has a way of wearing heavy after a while, and a good high-five lets you shed the weight of past failures, old regrets and all those piggly little disappointments. A good high-five is the ultimate way of being in the moment. Just think how centered a day of high-fives will make you feel. You might even be able to skip that yoga session today. And who needs vegetables to make them feel good when a quick skin-slap or two will do the trick?

There’s just one rule: never, ever leave someone hanging. So if someone comes running at you today with their open palm over their head, they aren’t going to hurt you. They just need five.

Check out this awesome High-Five rap. Just see if this song doesn’t get lodged in your enthusiastic brain today.