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Powder Highway Ski Bum Contest


So you think you’re the ultimate ski bum? You think you’ve laid it all out on the line, thrown in the corporate towel, are ready to go big or go home? Can you go head-to-head with some serious ski bums to win the ultimate prize? Check out the Powder Highway Ski Bum contest and see how you stack up. You could win a 3 Month Epic Ski Adventure. And when they say epic adventure, they mean it. Here’s what you get:

So, you might ask, what’s the catch? Well, you should ask anyway. You need to post a photo and and bio explaining why YOU are the ultimate ski bum. Before you post your entry, go and have a look at the competition. From “West Coast Pow Slasher” to “Hillbilly Pow Hunter” these bums are the real deal.

Here’s a little video to whet your appetite:

What do you think? You got what it takes to live the dream this season?