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Prospecting Idaho: Weekly High-Five Report


This week’s weekly high-five goes out to Tyler Ceccanti, Crystal Mountain local, for landing what looks to be the sweetest gig in skiing. Tyler, along with Bobby Brown, Tim Durtschi, Austin Smith, Iris Lazzareschi, Shayne Pospisil, Yancy Caldwell, and Tim Humphreys, joined the Smith Goggle crew in their own private Idaho.

Deep in the wilderness of Idaho’s Sawtooth Range lies Smiley Creek Lodge, a small wilderness lodge/restaurant/outfitter. It is here that Smith has created the ultimate backyard park. 900 acres of former mining property make up what can only be described as every snow slider’s dream come true. The tailing piles from the mine make perfect landings for big kickers, kickers built by a big, bad Prinoth Snowcat. The upper “cirque” area has cliff drops, cornices, and windlips. The trees are thick and deep, and the back side has a seemingly endless expanse of sunny pow fields. What more could one ask for? How about an eight-person cat waiting at the bottom to zip you right back up to the top of the ridge.

Take a look at the teaser below. Tyler is the one in the green jacket. I just want to know one thing: next time, how do I get invited? Hey, I wear Smith Goggles.

Season 2 Prospecting Idaho ski teaser from smith optics on Vimeo.

Just in case anyone’s planning on building their own private Idaho (or Washington or Oregon), I just want to say for the record that I’m available for that photo shoot.

Warren Miller Movie Trailer: Like There’s No Tomorrow


Crystal Mountain’s very own Tyler Ceccanti will be featured in next season’s WM movie. I’ve known Tyler for a while now and watched him grow up skiing at Crystal. He’s a fabulous skier, but more importantly has a good sense of the business of pro skiing. He doesn’t let it go to his head. Well, at least not too much anyway. Becoming a pro skier has been good for Tyler. Ever since he got on the Crystal Freeride Team, we ski patrollers haven’t had to pull him over once. Plus, and I think this is the most important thing, Tyler is a nice guy. And that goes a long way in my book. Also, he’s not a bad skier. Not bad at all.

Warren Miller’s 62nd film . . . Like There‚Äôs No Tomorrow from Warren Miller Entertainment on Vimeo.

While the ski movie event of the year doesn’t quite have the same power it once did back when Warren Miller himself still owned the company and spoke to audiences before the show, I still look forward to every season starting with Warren Miller. I love his campy phrases and his gentle reminders why we dedicate our lives to the mountains. Warren is actually an old friend of John’s family, and meeting him in person is even better than watching him in the movies. Warren even filmed John skiing in one of his movies, it was called Ski Time and it showcased my very young husband skiing the Big Couloir at Big Sky. While you can check out the poster at the link above, I’m pretty sure we have the only remaining copy of the movie in our library. I watch it at least once a week.

The new non-Warren Warren Miller Entertainment tries hard to hold onto his original intent. And while their ability to do so successfully can be debated in apres ski bars from the first flakes of the season until the avalanche lilies finally poke up through the last of the spring corn, I for one, am glad they still try. There’s no one quite like Warren Miller.

Ski Porn Teasers


Here’s a few teasers of Warren Miller Entertainment’s ski movie for next fall featuring Tyler Ceccanti, Crystal Mountain local and pro skier. Check out that choking powder, those backflips, that fabulous scenery. Oh yeah, by the way, that chairlift ride? That sunny footage? That’s Crystal.