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Vintage Ski Video: Billy Kidd and Suzy Chaffee in Iran, 1978


I love old ski movies. The simultaneous turns and tightly spaced skis carved in unison to disco beats just makes me happy. This one is no different. Two American ski stars travel to Iran to ski at the St. Moritz-modeled resort of Dizin. It’s 1978. Less than a year later Ayatollah Khomeni would stage his revolution, and Empress Farah and her husband, the Shah of Iran, would flee the country for good. But on this day, Suzy Chapstick and Billy Kidd shush to disco beats against dazzling sun and even take a lap with the Empress. Not a bad day on the slopes if you ask me.

Watching this video with the benefit of hindsight brings to mind the importance of relishing each moment. You just never know when your life will suddenly change. Perhaps this was Farah’s last day in Dizin. Who knows? I guess it’s a reminder to not put off until tomorrow the joy you could have today. What little piece of joy have you been postponing? What could bring you happiness today?