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Summit House New Year’s Eve Party: A New Tradition is Born


Living it up at the top of Crystal Mountain

I spent New Year’s Eve in a special place this year–The Summit House Restaurant at Crystal Mountain. With an elevation of 6,872 feet and a straight-shot view of Mt. Rainier just 14 miles away, it was truly spectacular. The all-inclusive dinner included drinks, a 5-course dinner, appetizers, after-dinner bites, and a spectacular private fireworks display over Green Valley.

While I’ve spent every New Year’s Eve of my adult life at Crystal Mountain, last night was different. I wasn’t standing shoulder-to-shoulder with steamy party-goers, nor was I dodging invitations to drink a mystery liqueur from a shot-ski, and worrying about my sinking blood sugar levels.

Tiana and Kalela sipping the bubbly

Last night was civilized. I drank champagne, talked to friends and ate a delicious meal prepared by a master chef. We watched beautiful fireworks, and I kissed my husband as the bell tolled midnight. While we left right after the fireworks show, many others returned inside to continue with the festivities, which apparently continued for a while.

But some of us have to work.

I’m already looking forward to spending another New Year’s Eve at the Summit House next year. If you didn’t make it this time, you should put in on your calendar now. It just might be the party of the year.