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Scenes from the Alps


Caution lumberjacks

You have to love Swiss skiing. While on-piste, the ski patrollers ensure

A pretty typical Swiss scene

that each skier is fully safe. Even trees in the middle of the pistes are padded. Each run is lined on either side with painted poles. Once off the piste, however, the signs disappear. You wouldn’t want to wander too far off the piste in a white out.

4 Wheel Drive may be required

You might fall off a cliff, or you could end up in a mogul field with twenty-foot troughs or, even worse, you could even encounter a lumberjack.

And the dangers don’t end once back in the parking lot. The roads around here are windy and the drivers are aggressive. Sometimes they might even be a tad bit over-confident.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if John and I simply never leave. This place is just a little too good to be true.