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Powder Day


Hopefully at least some people out there took my advice and contracted that 24-hour bug that’s going around, for which the only known cure is a powder day. Today at Crystal is going to be good. I just woke up to the sound of Christina calling from the Summit House apartment to inform me that we were doing Avalanche Control this morning. It snowed 16″ in Green Valley last night!

Here’s a photo of the snow stake at my house this morning. It was snowing too¬†

hard to get a good shot, but you get the idea. I cleared it last night. Also, the winds seemed to have mellowed at the top of the mountain–at least for now. Fingers are crossed that the winds die down and everyone can ski the glorious face-shot-inducing fluff piling up all over the mountain.

Oh, and by the way. If you need a “letter from your doctor” about the cold you just contracted, I’d be happy to oblige. I am, after all, an EMT.

More Snow Incoming


Looks like more snow will come to the Washington mountains soon. The NWS is calling for snow starting tonight and continuing Sunday, with accumulations between 12-20″ by Monday morning. Tomorrow could be windy as well.

NWAC is calling for an inch of water equivalent by Sunday at 4am, with the snow level around 500 feet. An inch of water at cold temperatures could mean 24″ of cold fluff.

Not to overstate the obvious here, but Monday might just be a good day to catch that terrible cough that’s going around.

Brrr! Cold Air


Cold air from the Frasier River still lingers over Western Washington, and will continue to do so for the next few days. The National Weather Service is calling for another trough moving across the region early next week, bringing rain to the lowlands and more snow to the mountains. That’s the part I like to hear.

While we still have a few more “bitterly cold” days ahead (bringing squeaky snow and fluffy accumulations), the weather should shift to a more normal pattern, with rain down low and snow where we want it.

Good news for skiers!