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Weather Forecast


Mostly I like to be positive. I mean, I think of myself as an optimist. A glass half-full type of person. So when I look at the weather forecast, I’m trying to look on the bright side. Hey look! Another week of Spring-like snow. Just think,┬áthe sun’s getting higher in the sky, the moguls on the front-side are getting prime, and each lap on the gondola is greeted by Juan–the happiest lift op in the world.

But let’s be real. This is a La Nina season. I was promised feet of snow by now, layers and layers of powder days adding up to a sweet savings account. La Nina means powder, and well, we haven’t gotten much of that lately.

Not that I’m complaining.

But still.

I’m about ready to start burning skis, kissing my Ullr pendant and doing the “snow dance” (even if it requires me to run around in the cold in my skivvies).

What else can a girl do? How about you? What tried and true make-it-snow techniques are buried in your quiver. It’s time we bring them out.