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Powder Storm Day


A foot of snow and counting. It’s a powder day with cold temps, little wind and lots of snow. *happy dance*


The Return of Winter



Snow for the foreseeable at Crystal

Several feet of snow forecast by next week

Several feet of snow forecast by next week

Winter is back. After over a month of spring-like weather in the Cascades, it looks like we are about to return to a cold, snowy forecast, and I, for one, am excited. Don’t get me wrong, a little sun and high pressure in the middle of the season can be a nice break. But now I’m ready for deep snow, light fluff and powder turns. Without this change in the weather, I might just continue to poke my fingers in other people’s eyes, and that’s not good for anybody.

Here’s the forecast:

Friday should be a pow storm day, with wind and sideways snow filling in tracks between laps. High wind could also shut down upper lifts, but with a little luck and a lot of snow, it could be stellar. Snow levels could go up to 4,000 feet, but that shouldn’t be a problem at Crystal. Fingers crossed on that.

Saturday will offer a brief break in the action, with another storm arriving Sunday. Beyond that, the NOAA forecast discussion is calling for continued stormy, cold weather with mountain snow. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

For more information on how to read the forecast and watch the telemetry check out How To Predict Good Snow Conditions.

It was this good


OntheSnow and their Clips from the Road Series visited Crystal last week.. They hit it at the right time: my powbirthday. Glad to see they got to enjoy the goods.

Even More Snow


Another 7-8" fell last night.

After yesterday’s 16 inches on the snow stake, I cleared it off and set it out again. Still more snow fell–another 7-8 inches.

At 5am this morning the wind has finally laid down, which means we’ll be able to ride the lifts this morning for avalanche control. I expect to see some results today.

I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but today might be a really good day to go skiing inbounds.

The NWAC Avalanche Forecast is going to high hazard out of bounds, but once we’re through with avalanche control, the pistes should be worth the sick day.

See you up here.

Oh, and bring your snorkel.

Snow Storm: It’s Dumping


I love a good dump.

With the upper mountain on wind hold today and a foot and a half of new snow, tomorrow could be a good day of skiing. Or is that too much of an understatement?

Here’s a photo of the snow stake at my apartment in Employee Housing. I cleared this off last night. It started snowing in earnest this morning and hasn’t quit. Most of the morning it was snowing 10-year-olds.

Unfortunately the wind is still nuking (that’s a technical term for high) with gusts in the 80s and averages in the 50s. Named hurricanes have weaker winds.

The radar still shows more moisture headed this way, so we might not have seen the last of the snow. One thing I know for sure: there’s no problem in the world that more snow can’t fix.

Bring it.

Bluebird Days Ahead




I love fresh snow, and I love sun.  It’s been snowing and storming for the past several weeks and now we’re headed into a sunny weekend. Larry Schick has issued a Bluebird Powder Alert for today and tomorrow. Plus, the groundhog saw his shadow this morning, so that means winter isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot. Need I say more?

Sidecountry Sessions: Taking ski bumming to a whole new level


A few months ago, I lamented the lack of quality ski movies of late. You know that phenomenon when you buy a new car that you’re pretty sure you’ve never even laid eyes on and the moment you drive it off the lot, you see it everywhere? There’s a name for it–confirmation bias phenomenon or something like that–but that isn’t important right now. What is important is how often I’ve come across really great video shorts and films that are quality ever since I posted that rant. Perhaps Right On Brother Films has something to do with that.

Molly Baker, Zack Giffin and Neil Provo, along with videographers Sam Giffin and Andy Walbon are traveling around snow country pulling a very tiny house, which they call Tiny House (duh) and catching it all on film. They are following storms and snow and pulling into town just when the goods arrive. They want to meet locals and ski with them. These guys are like Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers, but they get to ski powder instead of get bounced around by a tornado. The Tiny House crew seems to have the better deal.

Now for those of you following along, this is pretty much the concept I came up with when I put out my one great idea for a ski movie. Perhaps the Brothers came here and were inspired. More than likely it was another example of confirmation bias. Great minds obviously think alike. I just hope that when the OR gang gets to Crystal Mountain, they look me up. I’d love to show them a stash or two. Here’s Episode 1.

Crystal Mountain Conditions Update


The outlook gets two thumbs up!

Today has been a little borderline, but it has been snowing on the upper half of the mountain most of the afternoon. Currently the temperature is down to 34 F at the base allowing for a mix of rain and snow, or what we like to call “chunky rain”. The radar shows a plume of moisture still headed our way and with the temps meant to drop even more, we’re hoping for a miraculous turnaround. And by miraculous turnaround I mean a foot of snow.

Maybe I’ll be called out early for avalanche control tomorrow morning. It’s been a while. I’m planning on going to bed early just in case the phone rings at 4am.

Update: It’s early morning and I am going out for avalanche control. We didn’t get much snow down low (an inch in the base) but did get 5″ up high with plenty of wind. Doesn’t look like today will be blower, but better than nothing.