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Shit Skiers Say: I really wasn’t going to post this


I wasn’t planning on posting this here. I like to think of this as a family blog, not that anyone under 18 probably ever reads it. It’s the ex-high school teacher in me I suppose. But yesterday, when I rode the chairlift with two skiers (actually one was a snowboarder, but same difference) it made me laugh into my fleece collar. It was Bro-this-and-Dude-that-and-HolyShit-Bro-and-OMGDude-Did-you-see-me-send-that-shit? I-mean-I-was-seriously-killing-it.

Then I remembered this video that so many of you forwarded to me and said, “I know you can’t post this on your site, but this shit is hilarious.”

Then I got to thinking. Why can’t I post this? This shit is hilarious, and my mom is not easily offended. In fact, she taught me the s-word so I know she’s not going to stop reading this blog just because I posted this video. Mom is great that way. And anyone else out there that can’t already go purchase a ticket to a rated R movie, you don’t have to watch it. Hopefully you’ve already moved on to another site by now, if not, well, I warned you. So here it is, Shit Skiers Say: