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Weekly High-Five Report: Brotherly Love Run


Chris Praetzel is running across America to raise awareness for Organ Transplantation. In 1996, at age 3, Chris’s brother, Brian Praetzel, received a life saving kidney transplant. His doctors had held out little hope, knowing the wait for a transplant might simply be too long for his young body. Fortunately a kidney came through in time.

Today Chris, along with another brother, Jaime offering ground support, is running from Los Angeles to Atlantic City. He started his journey on May 23rd and his latest blog update comes from Craig, Colorado.

With 42% of Americans signed up as organ donors, and 100,000 patients currently waiting for an organ, Chris feels we can do better. He’s right. If you are reading this blog and have not yet signed up to be an organ donor, consider doing so right now.

Along the way Chris has slept on church grounds, been questioned by curious police officers, dodged forest fires and has been extended free meals as a token of other’s great appreciation. Most days Chris is running 30 miles and some days he’s covering as much as 50+ miles. That’s pretty awesome. For anyone who has ever run a marathon, imagine doing that everyday for three months. I’m impressed.

Bravo to Chris for undertaking this worthy cause. His website, Brotherly Love Run, gives details about the course and the motivation behind his undertaking. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. I just love to hear about brave athletes putting out hard endeavors. But add raising organ donation awareness to the mix and I’m thoroughly behind it. Go Chris Go!