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Win an Advanced Reader Copy of The Next Fifteen Minutes


Thanks so much to everyone for your fabulous ideas for the ARC giveaway. With the help of many of you, I’ve created a contest. So if you’re interested in trying for the ARC, here it is:

Sometimes life gets pretty tense. It might be scary or sketchy or dangerous or just plain weird. These are the times when he must forestall the panic, and get through the difficult situation without freaking out. That’s how I got through John’s illness and the year of waiting for a transplant. I broke the days down into smaller increments, just fifteen minute segments, knowing I could get through those if I just calmed down and breathed.

So here’s the contest: remember a time you had to use a similar strategy. Tell us about how you got through. Only comments made over on my FB fan page will be considered. Bonus if you post a photo to go along with your story. If could be about the time you ran out of gear on a 5.10 climb, or when you got maytaged in a hole while kayaking the White Salmon River, or found yourself lost and alone in the wilderness. It might be when the doctor told you it was cancer, or the vet had to put your dog down, or you woke up for the fourteenth day with a dread so thick you didn’t know how you’d ever crawl out. Tell us about a time when you didn’t think you’d make it through, but you did. Tell us how you did it. Already my ARC has seen quite a bit of the world in her few weeks on this earth. If you come up with the best story, told through prose, photos, haiku, cartoon, video, whatever, I will sign her and send her to you. But you have to promise to bring her along on your adventures. She’d like that.

So go on over to The Next Fifteen Minutes: Strength from the top of the Mountain Facebook Fanpage (say that one ten times fast!) and tell us your story. Don’t forget to hit the like button while you’re there. You get extra awesome karma for doing that.

Guest Post on Girls Trek Too


Cara Lopez Lee, author of the excellent book They Only Eat Their Husbands, a memoir of adventure in Alaska and around the world, graciously asked me guest post on her blog Girls Trek Too.

Cara writes that “adventure isn’t about vacations or danger. Adventure asks you to more deeply explore the world you travel in, and the world that travels in you.”  Check out her blog and my guest post here.  And thank you Cara for including me in your amazing tales of travel, adventure and personal growth.

Laura Munson


In her memoir, This Is Not the Story You think It Is, Laura Munson almost loses her husband when he comes home and tells her he isn’t sure he loves her anymore. Most women would have crumbled. Many would have lashed out, playing the villain that would allow him to leave her.

But not Laura.

She tells him she doesn’t buy it. Instead of taking it personally, she chooses to be more zen about it. She decides not to “attach herself” to the outcome, and as a result gives him the space he needs for some good, old-fashioned soul searching.

I applaud Laura. How she acted was nothing short of heroic.

See, I almost lost my husband too. He never lost faith in me, or our marriage, but he almost died. I almost lost him just the same. Reading Laura’s story aligned me more to my own–how universal is the feeling of loss.

When John was sick, I too, chose not to think about what it all meant. To look too far into the future only brought pain and uncertainty. I chose to get through life in smaller increments, just fifteen minutes at a time. And also like Laura, who finds solace in the Montana summer, I too looked to the natural world for comfort.

I find consolation in the accumulation of snow, in the feeling of wind in my hair, in the smell of pine sap. I am held close by the wonders of nature, by adrenaline, by my presence in the environment. Check out Laura’s story at http://www.lauramunsonauthor.com/.