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The Fear Project With Author Jaimal Yogis


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Jaimal Yogis, author of THE FEAR PROJECT: What Our Most Primal Emotion Taught Me About Survival, Success, Surfing… and Love knows a thing or two about facing fear. He’s stared his fear straight in the face and surfed Mavericks. He also used himself as a guinea pig in his book to explore the human reaction to this most primordial of emotions. An epic adventure full of incredible characters, death-defying athletic achievement, and bleeding edge science, THE FEAR PROJECT began with one question: how can we overcome our fears to reach our full potential?


Jaimal Yogis staring down his fear

Yogis checks in with neuroscientists to find how our memories become our biggest fears and how to tell the difference between good fear and bad fear. He also mines the depths of his own fears–of sharks and lost love and getting caught in the maytag churn underneath a big wave. Most of all, Yogis hopes to turn fear into performance, unlocking his own potential and then handing the key to his reader.

When I read his book several months ago, I knew I wanted to sit down with Jaimal and swap stories. This is a guy who spoke my language. For me, fear is a dance partner and an enemy. It’s a nemesis that I keep trying to debunk; and one that I can’t help coming back to. Like watching a scary movie, I’m horrified by fearful things but I can’t look away. Someone recently asked me what activity would scare me the most. I immediately answered, “stand up comedy.” It was never on my radar, not something I ever wanted to do. But as soon as I said those words, they became a raised finger slithering in a come hither hook that I can’t ignore. Now I’m worried that unless I add, “stand up comedy” to my bucket list I’m going to feel like a sissy. Feeling afraid is strangely alluring to me.


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I’m looking forward to my chance to interview Jaimal Yogis tomorrow on The Edge Radio. One question I plan to ask is how does one get the upper hand with fear? Do you ever just let fear take over the yard, like blackberry bushes that crawl over every shrub and fold back on themselves until they’re too thick to cut down? Or must we, every time, face those fears as a way of of pushing back the encroachment? Have questions of your own for Jaimal? Leave me a comment here and I’ll be sure to ask.

Meet Chuck Patterson: Legendary Waterman

Chuck Patterson Surfing

In the Green Room

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Chuck Patterson is the quintessential Renaissance man of action sports. Give him a ski, a surfboard or, heck, a wooden park bench, and Chuck will carve, sculpt, and engrave his turns into water and snow with style and confidence. Chuck competes at the pro level in five different sports: stand up paddling, tow-in surfing, kite surfing, skiing and snowboarding.

Chuck Skiing Jaws

Chuck developed special skis, with alpine boots and bindings, in order to ski waves


Chuck once held the world record highest jump

The son of a nuclear physicist father and professional ski racer mother, Chuck combines calculated risk with amazing talent. Whether tow-in surfing on big waves such as Jaws and Mavericks or skiing off a 70-foot cliff, it seems there’s nothing that this man can’t do.

Chuck’s interests go beyond single-discipline sports. He wants to innovate, taking his sports to new dimensions.

Chuck recently rode Kircher-show-descriptionJaws, not on a surfboard, but on specially designed skis, complete with alpine ski boots, bindings and poles. Photos of Chuck have appeared on numerous magazine covers and he continues to win contests.

Don’t miss The Edge this week as I interview Chuck Patterson and find out more about what it takes to dominate so many spots, how to manage the fear factor and what it takes to be a professional athlete. You aren’t going to want to miss this one.