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Last Chance to Win an Advanced Copy of The Next 15 Minutes


Okay folks. Just five more days to win an advanced copy of my forthcoming memoir, The Next 15 Minutes. If you haven’t already, head on over to The Next 15 Minutes: Strength from the top of the Mountain Facebook Fanpage and tell me your story. Psst, if you’re shy about posting your story, you can always leave it here in the comments under “guest” and email me with your information so I know who to send the ARC to (see the page Contact above for my email addy).

So here’s the contest: remember a time you had to use a similar strategy. Tell us about how you got through. Only comments made over on my FB fan page will be considered. Bonus if you post a photo to go along with your story. If could be about the time you ran out of gear on a 5.10 climb, or when you got maytaged in a hole while kayaking the White Salmon River, or found yourself lost and alone in the wilderness. It might be when the doctor told you it was cancer, or the vet had to put your dog down, or you woke up for the fourteenth day with a dread so thick you didn’t know how you’d ever crawl out. Tell us about a time when you didn’t think you’d make it through, but you did. Tell us how you did it. Already my ARC has seen quite a bit of the world in her few weeks on this earth. If you come up with the best story, told through prose, photos, haiku, cartoon, video, whatever, I will sign her and send her to you.

Contest ends Friday July 22nd.

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