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Laura York: Cancer Survivor


Laura York shows cancer who's boss

“Cancer can suck it,” that’s Laura York’s motto. A year and a half ago, Laura was diagnosed with stage IV cholangiocarcinoma (the same kind of cancer John had). Unfortunately, Laura wasn’t a candidate for liver transplantation because her tumors had grown outside the bile ducts. The prognosis was grim. Her doctors gave her nine months.

But Laura didn’t believe them.

Laura never believed the cancer would kill her. Instead, she fought hard, telling cancer to “suck it”. Her healthy living habits and positive attitude, plus the work of her doctors and oncologists, proved that prognosis wrong.

Last week Laura heard the news. The cancer is dead! She’s officially in remission, and her doctors are shocked and amazed.

For anyone who knows much about bile duct cancer, you’ll know why this is so big. No one goes from stage IV cholangiocarcinoma to remission, and especially not in just 17 months.

What I love about Laura’s story is her attitude. No matter what news came her way, she always found the best angle from which to view it. She exemplifies personal strength, gratitude and integrity.

We become more ourselves during a crisis. Our carefully constructed facade comes tumbling down when the doctor touches our wrist (or our loved one’s wrist) and says, “it’s cancer.”

That’s when you know who you really are. I found solace in the moment, telling myself to get through the ordeal just 15 minutes at a time. Laura had her own way. She turned toward uber-healthy eating and living, found strength in herself and utilized her support network. And it worked.

Laura York is a survivor. She’s officially a survivor.

Advanced copy of THE NEXT 15 MINUTES Winner Announced


Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, both on my Facebook Fanpage and through email. Sharing your story isn’t easy, and for those that did, here’s a virtual high-five. *smack*

Congratulations to the winner:  Laura York; she will receive a signed copy of The Next Fifteen Minutes. She has a remarkable story, and I have written here about Laura before.

In March 2010 Laura was diagnosed with stage IV bile duct cancer and told she had about 9 months to live. Unlike John, her cancer had spread outside the bile ducts, and so she was not a candidate for liver transplantation. Laura didn’t take this news lying down. In fact, she changed her life, her diet, her attitude. She started a blog to tell her story called The Cancer Assassin, and that’s precisely what she’s doing. She’s kicking cancer’s butt. Laura is an inspiration not only to cancer patients but to everyone. Here’s a quote from her contest entry:

My disease is not a death sentence as I first thought it was. It is a wakeup call to quit feeling guilty for silly things, quit postponing my life and LIVE LIVE LIVE! We only have this moment and I intend to enjoy it as much as possible and love as much as possible. It is in the strength that you gather in those 15 minutes that changes your whole life, puts what matters into perspective and opens your eyes to all the good in this world.

Did you get that? Quit postponing your life and LIVE. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you Laura for your wisdom, your bravery and your strength. Anyone interested in learning how to kick cancer butt with the help of a positive attitude and a healthy diet, check out Laura’s story. You’ll be glad you did.

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Cancer Assassin: Laura York


Laura York is a cancer assassin. Really, she’s a hero. Except she doesn’t wear a cape or a Wonder Woman outfit. Although I have a feeling that she’d like to. At least she’d rock the big W on her chest. And the tights. I think she’d like the tights. Instead, she wakes up each morning, goes to her chemotherapy sessions with a smile on her beautiful face and thanks the universe for the nurses and naturopaths that keep her going.

Laura has bile duct cancer. She was diagnosed a few months ago. Like most patients diagnosed with bile duct cancer (also known as cholangiocarcinoma, or c.c, by the specialists), Laura is young, otherwise healthy and completely surprised by the egregious diagnosis.

My husband was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in 2007. We were lucky. His cancer had not spread from his bile ducts into the heretofore (at least by me) unknown abdominal lymph nodes. Cancer kills by multiplication. And c.c. is no different. Usually it wraps itself around the veins and arteries feeding the bile ducts (the small vessels ushering bile through the liver), until those vessels are clogged and useless. It wins by a thickening multiplication that builds in secret.

Laura knows about the dire circumstances. She’s been rejected as a potential liver transplant patient. But she’s not giving up. Far from it. She’s truly inspiring. I admire Laura for her beautiful outlook and positive attitude. I’ve been there, and I know that being positive isn’t as easy as they make it out to be. Most of the time, it’s a real crock. But Laura’s the real deal. And I truly have to applaud her for that. Anyways, you can cheer her on by checking out her blog at http://thecancerassassin.blogspot.com/.