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Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever DOES anything about it


I know. It’s Tuesday and usually I do the Weekly High Five Report on Tuesdays. Not to worry. That’s coming. But I also wanted to say a little something about the weather this morning.

The Olympics stole our snow last night

It did not snow last night. It’s hard to imagine how a moisture plume such as the one on the radar yesterday could fall apart without bringing much to the mountains. But such is life in the ski industry. We’re like farmers–obsessed about the weather, needing just the right mix of snow and sun and lack of wind to provide the very best product we can. This week the weather needs to hold it together.

We are forecasted for snow, but we’re also going to get some rain too. And rain is never good at a ski area.

Earlier it looked like the first part of the week would bring the best conditions and now it’s looking like later in the week will be better. The rain–if it really does come in, the forecast keeps changing–should be here tonight and tomorrow. Then it should change to snow and start dumping. Thursday and Friday could be excellent days.

Today is still going to be a fun day. Southback has plenty of fresh lines and the rest of the mountain is soft and skiing well. But I promised THE DAY today, and I was off my one. So far, THE DAY was yesterday. But by the looks of it, Thursday could be next in line.