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KUOW: Radio Interview


Writing gives me the opportunity to carefully craft my words. I can cut, paste and delete until I’ve massaged the meaning to reflect as much or as little about myself as I choose.

But get me talking, and you never know what I’m going to say. In a recent interview with Jeremy Richards at KUOW, an NPR affiliate station in Seattle, I really started to blab. I perhaps revealed a little more about myself, and the depths my mind can sink to, than I’d planned on. I didn’t really mean to tell Jeremy about my deluded plan to throw myself in front of a bus in front of the Mayo Clinic with a note attached to my soon-to-be-dead body to take my liver and give it to John. It was a desperate thought, and depression is a bottomless pit.

Strangely, however, I’m okay with it. Perhaps that’s the beauty of writing a book. Once it’s out there, so are you. You can’t squeeze the toothpaste back into the tube.

Check the link for KUOW interview and let me know what you think.