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14th Annual Dirt Bag Ball: Super Hero Invasion


We could use a few super heroes around here. I’m specifically thinking of Thor, who can summon the elements of a storm and travel through time. (If I were Thor, I’d take my Soul 7s back to 1970, conjure up a big storm and rip Southback all day long. Who’s with me?)

It’s time for the Annual Dirt Bag Ball and the theme this year is SUPER HEROES. The event is March 28th. Doors open at 8:30. Check out this post if you think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned at this year’s Ball.

Get your entry tickets and be sure to get a couple of raffle tickets as well. (I have some raffle tickets to sell, so hit me up!!)

Tickets available at RIGHT ANGLE SPORT SHOP, WAPITI WOOLIES and in the patrol room at the Summit House. In addition, you can email Lisa at lisamponcelet(at)gmail.com to purchase tickets. Good luck!!

14th Annual DBB

Dirtbag Ball



Just a couple of rockers getting ready for a night on the town.  The 10th annual Dirtbag Ball brought out plenty of gnarly rockers and girly rockettes this weekend at Crystal. It was a fun event, raising money for the ski patrol education fund. Most importantly, next year’s dirtbag royalty was crowned. If you see our new king and queen, Corey Peterson and Jessie Cartwright out on the hill, give them a high five. These two are true dirtbags, living the dream. Welcome to the fold!