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Laura York: Cancer Survivor


Laura York shows cancer who's boss

“Cancer can suck it,” that’s Laura York’s motto. A year and a half ago, Laura was diagnosed with stage IV cholangiocarcinoma (the same kind of cancer John had). Unfortunately, Laura wasn’t a candidate for liver transplantation because her tumors had grown outside the bile ducts. The prognosis was grim. Her doctors gave her nine months.

But Laura didn’t believe them.

Laura never believed the cancer would kill her. Instead, she fought hard, telling cancer to “suck it”. Her healthy living habits and positive attitude, plus the work of her doctors and oncologists, proved that prognosis wrong.

Last week Laura heard the news. The cancer is dead! She’s officially in remission, and her doctors are shocked and amazed.

For anyone who knows much about bile duct cancer, you’ll know why this is so big. No one goes from stage IV cholangiocarcinoma to remission, and especially not in just 17 months.

What I love about Laura’s story is her attitude. No matter what news came her way, she always found the best angle from which to view it. She exemplifies personal strength, gratitude and integrity.

We become more ourselves during a crisis. Our carefully constructed facade comes tumbling down when the doctor touches our wrist (or our loved one’s wrist) and says, “it’s cancer.”

That’s when you know who you really are. I found solace in the moment, telling myself to get through the ordeal just 15 minutes at a time. Laura had her own way. She turned toward uber-healthy eating and living, found strength in herself and utilized her support network. And it worked.

Laura York is a survivor. She’s officially a survivor.