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Weekly High-Five Report: Bubble Wrap


Happiness is a roll of bubble wrap

Last week, my stepdaughter had a birthday. I believe in an abundance of wrapped goodies. If the gift is a remote control car, wrap the batteries, too. If it’s a new pair of skis, wrap the bindings separately. That way the fun of opening gifts lasts longer.

This year I even wrapped the bubble wrap.

And you know what? I think the $6 roll of large-size bubble wrap was the biggest hit of the night. I knew she was easy to please, but this was a whole new level.



I’m proud of her for finding the joy in the small things. Through the years we’ve spent many hours stomping on bubble wrap, giggling together as we marched and popped, stepped and snapped.

This week’s high-five goes out to Evelyn. She’s ten years old and she already understands that life’s best moments are often the small ones. Keep being awesome Ev.