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Recent Avalanche Post-Mortem


Check out this harrowing narrative written by a backcountry skier involved in a big slide near Smithers, BC a few weeks ago. But I must offer a warning: This is not for the faint of heart.

Here’s an excerpt: “I heard an extremely loud bang from behind me… it sounded like someone fired a shot-gun from about 6 feet behind me. At this exact moment all of the snow I’m standing on is moving and cracking around me and I’m falling sideways up the slope.”

You can read the entire thing at http://www.summitpost.org. Click here to read more.

Avalanche Video


Kyle Miller recently posted a video on his website: Where Is Kyle Miller? featuring Crystal’s backcountry. While the first six minutes or so showcase lovely powder turns, with face shots clouding the lens, it’s the last few seconds of the video that I find worth watching. The camera captures a rider dropping into a chute off the backside of Crystal and cutting off a large, cohesive slab. Fortunately neither of the riders were caught in the slide, but the debris piling up against the trees at the bottom demonstrates the danger of this slide.

I’ve heard a few skiers calling the backcountry conditions “solid” lately. They are anything but. Huge slab avalanches have occurred in the b.c. around Mt. Hood Meadows, Mt. Baker Ski Area and Crystal Mountain. Avalanche hunters beware.