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Publishing Is a Long Road


Many of you have asked for an update on my memoir, The Next Fifteen Minutes.  While I don’t have any news to report on that front, other than I hope to have the contract signed and the process underway soon, I can offer an update on what I’ve been doing lately. 

Publishing doesn’t end with the last key stroke, or when you sign an agent (the wonderful Kit Ward) or when you find a publisher (the halleluah! moment).  There’s a whole lot more to it than that. 

There’s this blog for one thing.  And I opened a twitter account (God help me!).  I have also been doing some “real” writing, or at least the kind of writing I might get paid for–magazine articles. 

Women’s Adventure Magazine has an upcoming (small, tiny) article I wrote about doing avalanche control work.  I’ve pitched stories to Ski Patrol Magazine, The New York Times “Modern Love” column, AdventuresNWSeattle Woman Magazine, and a few others.  So far I’ve heard back from Ski Patrol Magazine, asking me to write an article on spec (editor short hand for “no promises”), send it in and see if it works for them.   

I have also written a few guest posts on other blogs (I will update you here when those are posted), found a few kind souls to offer me “blurbs” for my memoir (the one-line praise on the back jacket extolling the virtues of the book), and found other adventure writers to guest post here (stay tuned). 

Other than that, I’m twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the snow to fall, painting the ski patrol room and the Forest Service Ski Area sign at Crystal (click here to view the makeover) and practicing the answer to the question “So what do you do?” (I’m an author, of course).