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Mind over Matter: the power of hypnosis

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Felix Baumgartner had a problem. In order to space dive from a tiny ballon 120,000 feet into the stratosphere, make a freefall jump at speeds breaking the sound barrier and parachute back to earth, he had to wear a specially designed pressure suit. But it made him claustrophobic. How did he handle it? He took a year off of training, went home to Austria and used hypnosis to get over his fear of the suit. Guess what? It worked.

According to hypnotherapist Paige Wacker, if you can imagine it and you can believe it, then you can achieve it. Hypnosis frees the mind of limiting thoughts, allowing us to accomplish great things. Just look at Felix Baumgartner.


Paige Wacker

Paige Wacker is a Mind Performance Coach certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She studied both hypnotherapy and NLP at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Having been a World Class Athlete herself in the Quarter Horse Show World, she understands what it takes to achieve the kind of focus that allows an athlete to get into the ZONE.

Paige is internationally certified for hypnotherapy through the International Board of Hypnotherapy and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. You can find our more about her at www.hypnopaige.com.

Kircher-show-descriptionJoin me when I interview Paige Wacker on The Edge this Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific. We will be talking about hypnosis and sports–what it is, how it works and what it takes to get into the zone and perform our best. You don’t want to miss this one.

Skiiing Waves and Kayaking in the Snow


Still doing just one sport at a time? How 2012 of you. These days, its all about hybridizing your sports. Like to ski when it’s cold, and surf when it’s warm? Why not ski a wave like Chuck Patterson? Or perhaps you prefer your waves in rivers. Why go snow kayaking like Miles Daisher. Check out these two videos and the watch how the new edge get cut away.

Showtime Chuck Patterson skiing Jaws.

Here’s Miles ripping it up at Pebble Creek Ski Area in Idaho.

Nerves of Steel



Topping out at over 200mph, Unlimited Hydroplanes are the fastest boats on the water. Racing a course several miles long, alongside other boats going just as fast, Hydro racers like Ryan Mallow face a thrilling Ryan_Mallowdanger every time they step into their boats.

Once Mallow crosses the start line, he goes all out, literally keeping the “pedal to the metal” at all times. These boats maintain their impressive speed by hydroplaning on the water, forming a cushion of air under the boat, allowing them to fly.

Piloting a hydroplane across the water at these speeds is more akin to flying a jet than driving a boat. But Ryan must strike a tenuous balance between water and air. Too low and he won’t win a race; too high and he could blow over.

Kircher-show-descriptionThe key to winning is maintaining nerves of steel. Join me Wednesday at 8AM on The Edge when I talk to hydroplane racer Ryan Mallow about  what it takes to race Unlimited Hydros. Call in live at 1-888-346-9144 on Wednesday at 8AM.