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31 Days of Adventure


winter-headerAmy Christensen and Lydia Whitehead are at it again. They want you to start 2013 with adventure. No need to quit your job or take vacation time however. Amy and Lydia want to help you find adventure in everything. I love this idea of finding adventure in our real lives.

After three solid weeks on the mountain I recently took a quick trip to the city. No surprise, it was raining. It was dark and wet as if a layer of saran wrap had been draped over the city and the condensation had built up on everything in sight. Rhododendron leaves dripped, cedar shakes expanded with moisture, rain drops seemed to flow upward from concrete walkways, starting their journey on the ground and traveling up to the sky.

I looked around at the people, huddled beneath their hoods, dodging raindrops. No one bothered with an umbrella; the wind was too strong. No one looked very happy either.

As a skier, this rain is good. It means snow in the mountains. But these people didn’t seem too pleased with the rain. They seemed irritated. They probably weren’t skiers or snowboarders. If I wasn’t a skier, the rain would drive me crazy too.

When you follow 31 Days of Adventure, (I signed up for the 31 Winter Adventures!) what might seem like a nuisance, rain or cold or snow (to the crazed folks that don’t love snow), becomes a reason to celebrate. Today’s adventure is to catch a snowflake on your tongue. For Seattleites, you’ll have to catch a raindrop on your tongue. But the act is the same. The best part of the 31 Days is the Facebook page, where you can share your photos and experiences. Check it out and make everyday a day for adventure. You’ll be glad you did.

31 Days of Adventure: Finding ways to change your perspective


Adventure can happen anywhere, any time. Even today. To remind us of the adventure in everything, Amy Christensen and Lydia Whitehead have created 31 Days of Adventure, in which every day in January, they send out a prompt to their subscribers reminding them of ways to find adventure.

So far, I have  Noticed the Little Things, Mapped out a New Route and Pulled out a $10 Word.

Thanks to 31 Days I’ve seen how easy it is to get stuck in a routine. Even living up in the mountains, where weather and snow conditions change constantly, I’m more aware now of how my routines separate my head from the rest of my body.

Every day can be an adventure

Standing in front of my locker each morning I don my equipment in the same order–first I punch in, then I attach my radio to my harness, then I turn my transceiver on and stick it in my pocket. I get my skis from their slot beside my locker and put them outside, then I put on my ski boots. I wait for the bathroom to be free so I can sneak in before the morning meeting.

I do this almost every day, and sometimes it feels like my body moves without my knowledge. 20 minutes later, I’m listening to the morning weather briefing and wondering where my head has been.

The daily prompts from 31 Days of Adventure keep my head in the game by breaking up my routine, opening up another perspective, allowing me to see my daily tasks in a slightly new way. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift in viewpoint to change my outlook. On Monday I wrote about how seeing my daily hike up The King from the eyes of my step-daughter changed my attitude and opened me up to joy and gratitude.

Check out Amy and Lydia’s 31 Days of Adventure. Sign up for the newsletter and get a prompt in your inbox for the next few weeks. And see if you don’t also open up in surprising ways.