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  1. Hello I’m a Ski Patroller from a small hill in Fairmont BC and i was just wonder if you are going to be doing the week ski patrol training anytime soon because i would like to participate. I love my job and want to continue to get better at it.

    • Chris,
      Isn’t patrolling a great job? What training are you referring to? At the beginning of each season we conduct an in-house training for our own team. Could this be what you are talking about? Also, the ski patrol director at Crystal offers avalanche courses through Northwest Avalanche Institute. They are well worth the time and money.

      • Yes i love patroling it is an awesome job and i won`t ever give it up. and i`m acually just looking to go to whistler and maybe get some tips and what not to better myself at my job. Whislter would be a good place to go cause im sure there the best and i know some people there so i would not need a hotel. as for avalanche courses i don`t require that cause there is no alalanche threat at the hill where i work. So if you know of any kinda of course or something in whislter that i can be part of that would be awesome cause i want to be the best i can be at what i do πŸ™‚

    • Hello Kim and Merry Christmas!!

      This is Tahnee Bockas, I nannyed and helped Dinny and Tami Hansen for
      past couple years.

      I was wondering about Crystal Ski Patrol tryouts. My boyfriend and I are
      big skiers and he just got out of the army last week. He is an avid outdoor
      sportsman but skiing is by far is passion. He loves back country skiing and
      has been taking avalanche courses the past couple winters.

      Brendan can give you more information on his experience and back ground but
      I thought I would start with a short email to see if he could tryout or
      start by volunteering.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


      • Tahnee,

        Thank for reaching out. Is he looking for a spot on the volunteer staff or as a pro? The volunteers do a training in the spring that continues through the summer. Just stop by the patrol room at the base on a weekend to enquire.

        To be a pro, he should talk to Paul Baugher, the patrol director. It’s not a bad idea to email him first, or call him at 360-663-3062. Or just stop in in any day but Wednesday or Thursday.

        Hope that helps.

        Kim Kircher

  2. Kimmer, loved reading your reply in Off Piste Mag. your words were sharp and to the point and I liked the way it read. Your choices of words at time reminded me of the snap of a whip. Well done.
    See you in the hills.

  3. Kim:

    I just had two women in my wine store in Truckee, CA, visit me and talk about what you and John have accomplished at a mountain where I left a good part of me. When they found out I had been a former Patrol Director and Mountain Manager there, they thought we may have known each other. In any event, carry on with the many things you are doing in improving the Mountain, and the patrol, but do me one favor please, “no chairs in the South Back”. Thanks

    • Jim,
      Not to worry about a chair in South. As I have told my husband, that one is not an option! I love it just as it is. So you live in Truckee? Do you still work in the ski industry at all? The wine business isn’t too far away…Glad to know that our influence at Crystal extends beyond our little valley.



  4. Kim, I used to work at Crystal too. I ran the Kid’s Club. I moved to mammoth and now working in Tahoe as a ski instructor. I have met you and John many times, once even in Mammoth. My son Michael Heinz is an instructor at Crystal now, following in Mom’s footseps.

    My prayers will be with the search for Melby and the vollies who are searching. God Bless, and my best to John. MO Jacoby

  5. Hi Kim, really love your blog. I am a Patroller at two hills in Southern California, Mt Waterman and Mountain High. My base is Waterman which has a long and storied history going back to 1939. It is also the steepest terrain in SoCal and where Warren Miller learned to ski. Tons of side/back-country. Anyway, I am stunned by the beauty of Crystal and its lines. Will definitely stop by on the next ski tour up there. Do you guys do the guest patroller thing? Check out our powder on the web site (in LA?) and join us if you are in Southern California. / Mark-NSP#236864

  6. I have no problem with the extended season included in the new pass. Question is, do you have to pay the gondola upgrade also? If so, then I have some issues. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hello Kim,
    I received my clarification back from Liz that since Crystal has kept our Silver pass cost the same for 2 years, we have indeed received enough compensation already, and why don’t we upgrade to a bronze if we want to keep skiing the Spring season. But it appears to me that Crystal is changing the rules. We pay early, we buy the gondola, yet are not included in the midweek days of Spring skiing, without actually paying the additional 99.00$. Crystal is supplying the attitude, and expecting our gratitude. Please reconsider this. We have been loyal skiers since 1974 and I was even on Patrol in ’76. We are only talking about a few days. Liz also states that the Bronze would give us weekends! We don’t ski weekends as it is way to crowded for us, and every ski friend I know, has been hit during the midweek, so why increase this risk on the weekends. But it is the principal of the change that seems to smack of Corporate policy. I’d like to hear from you personally and hope that this would change to include us on the midweek days, as it has always been in the past.

    • Jan,
      I forwarded your message to Tiana (not Liz, I think you’re showing your years at CM there) as I felt she could best answer your question. I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking. Are you asking for your current season pass to be included for the spring season? If so, do you understand that all passes, not just Silver, end this Sunday?

      Are you asking us to stay open this spring during the midweek? If so, it doesn’t take much imagination to understand how risky that would be for us. Traditionally, as soon as the sun shines around here, most skiers and riders start golfing or gardening or riding their bikes or a million other things they’ve waited all winter to do. Just by extending our season these two months on the weekends, we are taking a big risk. We have our fingers crossed that skiers and riders will still come up and choose Crystal over other activities.

      Or are you wanting to buy a Silver for next season and wishing this spring was included in the price. If that’s the case, Tiana answers that well. Silver passes are kept low in gratitude to our midweek customers. And ironically, midweek skiing is not only the best deal going, it’s the best skiing as well. I can’t tell you how many people I talked to this season who skied for the first time midweek and realized what they’d been missing all these years. Each one of them vowed to ski more midweek days next year. In your extensive history at Crystal, you’ve certainly figured out the system–ski midweek when it’s cheap and the crowds disappear. You definitely get your money’s worth Monday through Friday.

      That’s why I’m not sure I understand your question. You seem to suggest that we don’t appreciate you or undervalue our midweekers in some way. Do you honestly believe that? We’ve always felt you guys were the lucky ones, the privileged ones getting all the goods. If only everyone could adjust their work schedules to ski midweek, they certainly would. Quite a bit of thought and risk has gone into our spring season pricing. There’s even a chance that it doesn’t work. If we can’t make enough money to cover our costs, it won’t work. That’s just business.

      Our greatest hope is that we are able to keep it going for a few more months. We want people to continue to enjoy the mountains, including the new gondola, for a few more months, extending the experience as long as we can. That’s our biggest goal here. We just want to keep the lifts turning as long as possible. Isn’t that what we all want?

  8. Hey Kim (and John)… Just had to make a comment on your last post when I noticed that you listed Bali as the first place to further your surfing prowess. Not saying it was intentional, BUT… you know you got at least one friend here, at least for a little longer. I’ve been missing the snow and the extended family at Crystal. Let me know if you guys do plan a trip and hopefully see you in this hemisphere or the other soon. Keep up the good blogging as well, I enjoy your writing and think your book will be fantastic. Ciao!

    • Aaron,
      Thanks for checking out the blog and thanks for the offer in Bali. Watch out. We might just ask you for a little tour–JK has been researching Indo online since we got back from Costa Rica. It’s been a good season at Crystal this year. The gondola has really changed this place. The walk-on traffic exceeded our expectations and the Summit House has grown. We have apres ski and first tracks breakfast on weekends. Now John is envisioning a new building up there someday that could have both a nice restaurant and a more casual bar with apres menu. The old Summit House could be turned into small euro-style rooms. I used to spend weekends up there as Jack, and I can attest to how cool it is. If we could ever get that done, the waiting list would be a mile long.
      I will be in touch if we decide to go to Bali next month. Where are you? We want to surf, dive and check out the culture. Any recommendations?

      • Kim,
        That would be an amazing idea and you are right, there would be a waiting list like no other for rooms at that place. The beauty of having a bigger facility up there would also be the groups that you could host for private events. A friend of mine who works for the tourism board was inquiring about how big of space we had up there. Can you imagine the groups that would come!? We might have to build a proper heli-pad in the base to add even for allure. Ha Ha… I’m located on the southern tip of Bali, a place called Seminyak, which is a “suburb” of Kuta. The whole Island of Bali can be driven North to South in 3-4 hours and east to West in about the same. There are amazing breaks right down the street from me and they pretty much run the whole coast. Talk with Gerry and Andria about great diving spots, I’ve only been snorkeling at a few places and they were fantastic. I would happily play tour guide and can even set up lodging and some fun little getaways…. You guys will fall in love with the laid back, yet everything in reach lifestyle that is Bali. Keep me in the loop and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Make a few extra turns for me and have a good spring season.

      • The surfing is ok right now, but picking up daily…. the winds are changing and the breaks coming back to this part of the island. Next month should be a sweet time to come down, I have a good friend who use to work with all the locals down here setting up surf excursions and finding just the right spots. As long as you dont mind being seen in a Rip Curl or Billabong van you will be sweet. Haha… I’m “locked” out of my crystal email right now, hopefully back online this weekend, so can happily communicate better through regular email when that is back up. How long you guys thinking of staying?

  9. Hi Kim,
    Sorry if my communication was so confusing. The issue is this: ( hopefully I can state it more clearly) If we buy a Silver pass now, it does not cover any of the midweek days of operation for this new Spring season. This is a new change, not having ever occurred, to my knowledge. So we do not get to ski the Thurs. or Fridays of the Spring season. We are excluded. I realize that the logical thing to do would be to buy the Bronze, which is what I think is intended, bringing greater early revenue to Crystal.

    As to us mid-weekers getting the goods for a lower price. I made that my lifes principal, to structure my life around more free time, and the many years of work at Crystal reflects that. Needless to say, this has not made me rich! But it is a lifestyle choice, which most will not do. But because of this choice, I am listed as privileged. Yet my car, my home, also reflects my choice. Nothing new, just old and cherished!

    I am excited about the extended season, having skied till August back in the early 70’s. And yes, the ‘Liz” slip certainly dated me!

    Thanks for the outlet to express concerns and opinions. It’s appreciated.

    • Jan,

      Thanks for clarifying your question. Indeed Tiana did as good a job fielding that one as I could have. I wholeheartedly support the guiding principal in your life to eschew money and ski more often. I, too, made a similar declaration when I quit my teaching job and became a full time ski patroller several years ago. Before I met my husband, my only “home” was the back of my pickup truck. So I get it. The good news is that if you buy the Bronze in order to ski this spring, you can also use it next season on those odd, non-busy weekend days early season and late season. At 100 bucks, it’s the equivalent of 1.5 day tickets, so between the two months ahead of us and the weekend days next year, you can most likely make it work for you.

      Alternately, if you still can’t afford to buy the Bronze, I have another option. This Saturday is the Bikini Downhill, and the motto is “skin to win”. The fastest man and fastest woman win a bronze pass for next season!! This could be the answer!! Check out the website for details.

  10. Well, I still have a problem with the fact that this is an exclusion to any Silver pass holder and it is a new policy change. There probably aren’t that many of us, and you want us to pay more. This is why I state that midweekers aren’t valued when they are the cheaper pass holders. This exclusion validates the statement.

  11. Hello there,

    I was wondering if you had any upcoming competitions which we could get involved in?

    I am in the Business Development Team of Habilis, a provider of virtual assistance services. We have a few customers who are readers of your blogs and many who read blogs such as yours and I thought we could offer our My Hab 40 plan, which is a dedicated Virtual Assistant for 80 hours a month to the competition winner on your blog. That’s a prize of $350.00. you can learn more about this plan at http://www.ihabilis.com/your_services_priceplan.php

    We have been covered in Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, PC World and many more. You can read these reviews on our site – http://www.ihabilis.com.

    Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

    Rachel Shirley

  12. Thanks for your article in the latest NSP magazine. I appreciated it and enjoyed reading it!

    Larry Ward
    Hurricane Ridge SP

  13. Dear Kim, I found your blog by accident (always nice when that happens) and admire you and your writing. I got the Kindle version of your book and am looking forwarding to reading it. Is there a difference to an author whether the consumer buys a real book or Kindle version? I hope not too much if any.

  14. Comment on helmet legistlation: I think that word of mouth should be sufficient. My ski bus Good Time Skiers had a picture taken of about 20 of us a few years ago to promote helmets. We all have stories of how wearing a helmet has saved us, we share them very readily. We still have holdouts but slowly but surely we are getting everyone we know to wear the helmet of safety. Judy

  15. Hello Kim. I enjoyed listening to your interview with Bill Kenower at authormagazine.org. Congratulations on the publication of your memoir. I am writing a memoir and seeking representation. It is always encouraging to read of a writer’s success and to know our stories have a space in the world. All the best to you and your husband.

    • Nikki,
      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your memoir. I love your blog: Investigating what the souls knows. How wonderful. I found my agent and editor at a writer’s conference (PNWA in Seattle). Have you been to one? I suggest choosing one based on the agents and editors present as well as the opportunity for participants to mingle and pitch to them. It’s much better than trying to break through the slush pile. Best of luck. Now I’m off to explore your blog.

      • Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not been to a writer’s conference yet, but I will begin looking for some in my area. An author friend is helping me with my pitch and may recommend me to their agent- as I see this is one way to get to the head of that slush pile.
        Again, congratulations and enjoy the journey your book will bring you.


  16. Hi Kim,
    This is Maria Cepa from the WoW backcountry clinic. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with you last Saturday. I have been following your blog for a while and I know all the passion and love you invest on keeping the slopes safe and enjoyable for the rest of snow fans. And this is also true to all the amazing ski patroller ladies that kindly took us out for a unforgettable touring day. Lot of fun, learning and good new friends.
    Thank you and hoping to see you all very soon!

  17. Kim,
    I just ordered one of you books for a friend and co-worker whose husband is battling bile duct cancer here in Amarillo. I hope that you do not cut and paste the inscription request verbatim? I noticed on my e-mail confirmation that what I typed appeared there and it got me thinking. Please tell let me know if I need to make a change to my request or if you will take care of it?

  18. Hi,

    My name is Ben and I work at PublishersNetwork.com.

    I have just been on your website and I thought I should contact you regarding a small project I run that may be mutually beneficial.

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  19. I had a great day skiing today with my friends. However about 2:30 pm today, Dec 6, I was physically attacked by a drunken snowboarder in front of the ski shop. When the Crystal staffers showed up, they insisted that I needed to leave, after I suggested that the boarder needed to be restrained. You have almost no security and apparently we are on our own when attacked by a drunken boarder. After visiting the shop and heading out to my car, this drunk boarder was still wandering around. It is pretty sad to think that the future of snow sports belongs to these guys. I showed restraint and did not fight back, but if he had attacked one of my friends it would have been very different. I really want to talk about the wonderful things you do, but you need to consider the safety of your guest.

  20. Kim,
    Crystal seems to be doing a great job with the current snow onslaught. However, the call to keep the upper mountain closed on Thursday due to wind seems a little premature. The 1422 NWAC forecast predicts 20-30 mph winds in the morning and 10-20 in the afternoon at 5000 feet. I’m sure there is plenty of control work to do but it doesn’t look as though wind will be the limiting factor. Would really appreciate any efforts to open at least REX, since some unfortunate solus can’t make it on Friday!

    Andy Martin

    • Andy,
      I hear what you’re saying. However, take a look at the 9000 foot winds. The center is calling for 70-90 mph winds. That’s insane. In big wind events, those higher level winds are what we look at. We have taken a very close look at the forecast to try to avoid disappointing a big number of people.

      • Kim:

        I have followed your blog for several years now with appreciation and admiration. You go girl, with a fresh perspective on the industry and CMR in particular.

        It always amazed me that without thinking of all the experience that you have at Crystal that customers will stil question decisions that can only be made through said experience. One of my worst nightmares were those individuals that considered themselves experts, but then Jack Lewis put that to rest by stating, “not to worry, all the experts are dead” (in reference to snow safety. Does your staff (outside of the patrol) and the general skiing community know the experience of your SP Director, Paul Baugher? Just himself, . . . alone . . . 33 years in the industry, and 29 (?) at Crystal! Much less all of you that have been on the mountain for 10 years plus? If not, why not. Spread the word; let it be known that you are not only the largest in the state, but the best!!!

        The only thing I would have added to your response to Andy was the fact that wind at any level fluctuates, sometimes up to 2k feet, and with Mt Ranier you also have the factor of deflection (caused by our neighbor to the west) as wind shifts in direction. Particularly given the incident of yesterday.

        Keep up the good work, and please say hello to Paul and the crew for me.

        With Respect,

        Jim Mitchell
        Patroller, Ski Patrol Director, Mountain Operations Manager
        Crystal Mountain Resort, 1979 – 1990

        • Jim!

          Thanks for the comment. Great to hear from you. Paul says to say hello as well. You are so right. We are blessed to have so much experience. And we are blessed to have Paul.


          Kim Kircher

          • Kim:

            Just out of curiosity, where was the slide? Specifically.

            This should be an interesting season for avi. Consecutive days is exhausting. Good luck to all, and stay safe.


          • A weird place. Near the start of I-5 just past the entrance to Stump Patch, not quite to the exit from O Meadows. In essence, just a steep spot on the horizontal trail. MOst likely, if she hadn’t been pushed up against the trees, she wouldn’t have been fully buried. The full size of the pocket was probably 30 feet wide and 20 feet high.

  21. Kim,
    Great job on getting REX and GV open at 1235. The afternoon winds were a non-issue but you could certainly see the carnage from last night! Excellent PNW storm skiing – why we live here!

  22. That’s wild. Thanks for the info. And the Patrol had a 5 minute response time. Impressive. Take care, and have a great holiday season!


  23. Hi Kim, Wanted to get your opinion on avalanche beacons , what you feel is best , what do you all use on patroll .
    Thanks Brad

  24. Hey Kim,
    This is Leah, Dougs daughter. I was wondering if you were going to be at Crystal this weekend because I am starting a blog with my friend and i had a few questions.

  25. hello kim,
    just wanted to let you know that as an avid snowboarder and skier, after reading your blog, I will never ski or ride at crystal mountain again. And I will be sure to tell every snowboarder i know to take his or her money elsewhere.
    francis mcgrody

    • Francis,

      I’m sorry to hear that. As I wrote in my original post as well as the follow up post, in reply to comments both here and on other forums, the post was meant to start a debate. I used a controversial tone and message as an opportunity for snowboarders and skiers to chime in with their opinions. If snowboarding is truly in decline, this is bad news. Rather than just a boring post about numbers, I chose to invoke discussion. For the first several weeks, the post offered just that. Unfortunately what was meant to be a tongue in cheek tone was recently taken personally by a new group of viewers. This recent misinterpretation of the post was thought to be an anti-snowboarding rant. No amount of explanation on my part was able to sway the minds of this small but vocal group. Therefore I took down the original post.

      I will say it again. I am not anti-snowboarding, nor is Crystal Mountain. I do regret that my tongue-in-cheek tone didn’t come off as I intended. It was clumsy and haphazard at best. I wish I had written that original post differently. However, had I done so, the snowboarding community would have missed an opportunity to defend their sport. The discussion sparked in the first few weeks both here and on discussion boards was fairly even and thoughtful. That recently changed, and the discussion became more an indictment of me personally. I’m sorry if you’ve been swayed by these discussions. However, I am convinced this is proof that, at least in the PNW where most of this recent discussion took place, the snowboarding community is alive and well.

      You are certainly welcome to take your business elsewhere. This is, after all, a free country. But I certainly hope your misinterpretation of my post doesn’t keep you away for long.

  26. Hey Kim,
    So i was rigistering for my blog on wordpress and it said after i selected a theme that I had to pay $25.00 for the next page. What does this mean?
    – thanks, Leah

  27. Kim.

    I am Sherry Tate. Your mother, Janelle, is my cousin. I just read your blog and it is so interesting. Love to hear from yo9u.,

    Sherry Tate

  28. I am in need of a nice photograph showing a blast on the surface of an avalanche. I need this in connection with a book I am writing about the use of explosives for different constructive purposes including avalanche control. I am a retired scientist from India having worked with explosives for about 3 decades. Can you please help? I do not want any copyright issues later, so, you can officially give me the permission to publish it in my book and oblige me. Regards and New Year Greetings, S.Venugopalan, Pune, India, PIN: 411007.

  29. Hey Miss Kim-
    I found your name somewhere while trolling for an Ullr medal. If you know of any available besides those at newenglandskimuseum, I am interested.

    I am also very interested in your spins on adventure recreation/risk excercise, whatever you want to call it adrenergic stimulating activities. I am currently on a project to develop such offerings at a luxe resort in western MT. Mainly runs May-Oct, servicing big, big spenders that often arive in their own aircraft. Some of those folks don’t do too much, but an amazing number of CEO’s are into dense programs of physical activity and actually could do some with the families they probably rarely see. I need documentable ammo to convince big wheels that the expense of adding such offerings will yield profits. Pockets are very deep, but purse strings are tight. I am trying for some low budget options before the spendier ones, so I can demonstrate the worth of my ideas. I want some ziplines, and it seems one might as well build an elevated treetop walk at the same time. I am also thinking of family oriented “mud runs”, Via Ferrata course, and more. For the less physical types we offer mechanized adventure recreation; I’m not so into that, but it must be. ATV’s and go carts are up, I want a Kassbohrer Flexmobile (snow cat bus) as well. They also have summer tracks to use when no snow. So grandma can follow the group on the ATV’s and meet for the picnic……

    I was very interested in your article about big sky zips and the one on the neccessity of risk exercise. I am looking for a compendium of such information. Please help if you can.

    I am a old ski bum out of MT SnowBowl, et al, now working in medical imaging, desperately burned out and needing a new carreer at 58. I want convince the resort they need me. have mercy if you are able and not too tired from skiing your brains in……

    ps-i don’t do much social media, none really but email A luddite till the end. Had to fix the ankle hinge on my Salomon E93’s before I could use them yesterday. Only rear entry boots on the hill, only alpine boots I could ever wear. Had a pretty religious experience at the bowl, soft thick snow and plunging verts.

  30. Hello,

    My name is Dylan and I will be 40 years old this October. I am a secondary school teacher in the UK. Ever since being a youngster I have dreamed that there is more to life than a steady job, mortgage and a good pension. So with that in mind I have made the commitment to quit my job July 2015 and get instructor certification. Two months ago I gave up my house to live with friends so I can Dave the cash to follow my plan. I am taking my Level 1 this April (2014). I plan to take my Level 2 July (2015) once I have left my job and start my journey. I have always wanted to cycle most of the planet so I am going to be towing my skis in my cycle trailer πŸ™‚ (I have always done a lot of travelling by bicycle). Once I have my Level 2 I plan to spend a couple if years cycling around Canada/New Zealand stopping on resort hopefully working as a ski instructor to build experience. After a couple of years of solid skiing experience I then plan to get back to Europe to do my Level 3. I know that plans have to be flexible with anything like this, there is douch that can knock you for six and my you reevaluate things Luke this such as opportunity, love, money!. But I as I have just stumbled on your blog and you appear to have a similar life outlook I was wondering if you think my life changing path is acceptable/realistic/crazy? Especially bearing in mind my age! Also I think you would be the perfect person to offer any tips or advice. Or anyone else that has some opinion on plan please feel free to comment.


    • Go for it Dylan. It’s never too late to make a change. If you don’t do it this year you’ll be one year older when you do. As far as tips go, I suggest doing your research. Choose smaller resorts to start out. The big resorts have less housing and it’s more expensive. Canada is a good place to start for a UK citizen. Hope that helps.

  31. Kim,
    I wanted to thank you and the rest of the patrollers for all of your hard work on and off the mountain. I strongly dislike hearing and reading all the complaining and bad talking regarding closures and delays on the mountain. It is extremely apparent the amount of work you all put in day and day out to keep us and each other safe and happy.
    Many thanks as well for keeping us up to date and aware of current conditions and events on the mountain for us that speedfly and paraglide. I am a huge advocate of staying safe and respecting other pilots and the guidelines that ski patrol has set out for us. I think we have a very good relationship amongst pilots and patrollers and only think that it will get better.
    Thank you gain for your hard work and friendly and amazing posts!

    • Phyllis,
      It’s a great one! Dane +Dane is the photog. I could try to get in touch with them for you. Feel free to email me. My addy is under the contact page.
      Kim Kircher

  32. I really enjoyed reading your tribute to your dad. My dad was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Praying for your family and those effected by disease.

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