It’s Official. Crystal Mountain Opens Friday 


Let’s get this 2016-17 season started, shall we?  Crystal will open Friday with the gondola running for upload and download. Green Valley will be open for skiing and riding. More terrain will open as we get more snow. Who’s planning on taking part?


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  1. I’m going to come up Sunday. What are the odds of more intermediate terrain opening up this weekend (like Forest Queen). My kids will not like an un-groomed Green Valley. Should I bring the crap skis or is the coverage good enough?

    • Totally depends on what happens tomorrow for snow. We need to get enough snow below FQ in order to open it (so you can get down). If we get the snow we will open terrain aggressively. Check the website for updates.

  2. Although I’m no longer in the northwest, I keep an eye out on what’s happening at my crystal. Best wishes on a kick ass season! I’m envious!

  3. Miss your blog posts but know you must be busier heading the Crystal Ski Patrol. Heard you quoted on NPR recently. Happy turns and trails! BTW had an awesome day at Crystal last Sunday.

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