Maybe It’s Just Me


CIMG8719Lately I’ve been seeing turds everywhere. I’m not referring here to “turds” in the abstract sense of angry commuters taking it out on other drivers just trying to get to work or even too-busy mothers yanking their kids through the cereal aisle.

I’m talking about real, live turds. The human excrement kind.

Recently I saw a frozen one on the floor of a gondola cabin. I was beside myself with disgust. There it was, smooshed into the diamond plate, hidden (almost) behind the seat, as if someone just thought it would be okay to lay a douce while being whisked to the top of the mountain in a cabin that cost more than a new Chevy truck.

I couldn’t believe it. Some people. I mean really.

Then yesterday, after being out of town, I got a little surprise at my front door. What at first sight appeared to be a red rag like the kind you get in bulk at a service station turned out to be a pair of maroon panties. With a turd in them.

I didn’t know what to think. Were people really crapping their pants and leaving it on my front door step? I immediately wondered if this was something personal. Was someone trying to send me or my husband a message here? That’s so out of bounds I don’t know where to start.

Later that day I was talking to Scott, the Mountain Manager at Crystal. He said, “remember when you texted me about the turd in the gondi cabin?”

How could I forget? I was so disgusted. You’ll never guess what I found in cabin 8, I’d texted. A turd. F***ing people.

Scott laughed. “Turns out it was a rolled up towel.”

“Someone crapped in a towel and left it in the gondola cabin?”

“No.” He smiled. “It was just a brown paper towel. All rolled up and shredded.”

I was relieved to hear this news. A flood of relaxing fluid flowed briefly through my body. Then I remembered the present I’d found at my door that morning.

As it turned out my neighbor was standing nearby. I recounted the latest turd news to both of them. I told them about the maroon panties with black lace, how I’d thought at first it was one of those cloth rags used to wipe a dipstick, how I realized with shock and horror that in fact that wasn’t just dirt encrusting those panties, how I wondered if maybe I should be taking this personally.

My neighbor nodded. “Nala.”

“Your dog?”

He nodded again. “She’s disgusting.”

Turns out Nala had been eating his girlfriend’s underwear, and sometimes he didn’t know about it until the evidence went through her entire digestive tract. It had become quite a problem. Nala had chewed and eaten most of his girlfriend’s underwear and they’d recently had to make a trip to Victoria’s Secret to restock.

Needless to say, that might be a problem for Nala, but I was quite relieved.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe when you suddenly see turds everywhere you have to stop and take a good, hard look at yourself and wonder if maybe its time to put those rose-colored glasses back on.

Or perhaps I’m just ready for some good old spring skiing. This isn’t anything that slush bumps and perfect corn can’t fix. The forecast for the next few days looks perfect for continuing the current corn cycle. In fact, I think its about time to get out there and sample the goods.



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  1. It’s not just attitude that makes turds appear from the snow this time of year in AK – truly nasty. With burgeoning population has sprung an increase in waste – both human and canine. It’s EVERYWHERE.

    Last year we hiked out to Gull Rock only to find that a few months’ worth of campers had been using the rock itself as an open pit toilet while they camped nearby. You can’t even go out to Rabbit Lake anymore without smelling human turds on the wind at every step, nor can you turn over a rock at any popular spot without finding toilet paper. It’s freaking gross.

    I found a pile of human crap in the parking lot at Mt. Baker once. I’m not surprised that people think the gondola is OK to take a dump in. People are so disgusting!

  2. It has been a while since I’ve read your blog,so I wanted to thank you for the laughs. Part of my job is replacing/redesign outhouses, and poo stories are always good for a laugh. Better to make it funny than to let it get to you too much. I heard a story up here about someone who found a poo in the middle of a parking area in a picnic site. There are trees and bushes all around, but the person decided to just NOT walk the 20′ into the grass. Awesome. The guy telling me the story was guessing they just went to squat behind the car so people couldn’t see them. Did I mention there was an outhouse about 300′ away, as well???

    And I really want to go kiteboarding now!. Though mainly I think I just want to go to that island you mentioned, and use kiteboarding as an excuse to do so…. because I sure don’t want to start kiteboarding up here, despite easy access to the Pacific…

    • Dani,

      I don’t even want to picture in my mind what would make someone poo in a parking lot. With an outhouse nearby. With trees and bushes nearby. There’s some gross people out there. And the more you talk about poo the more you find out just how gross. As for Aitutaki and Honeymoon Island, I totally recommend it.

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