Praying for Snow

The sacrificial ski burning to coax the ear of the gods

The sacrificial ski burning to coax the ear of the gods

Flames from the bonfire sparked overhead like tiny red snowflakes falling upward. I looked up and squinched my eyes just right, trying to remember the feel of snowfall on my cheeks. Huddled together with my husband, neighbors and friends, we chanted in unison.

Goddess Hecate,
I pray upon thee.
Make tomorrow a snow day;
So let it be.

After a week of sunny skiing in Green Valley, it’s time for more snow. Not that I’m complaining. While the city has been cold, the mountains have enjoyed warm temperatures. Skiers and riders have been relaxed and grateful as if it were the beer-drinking laid-back end of the season rather than the beginning. I’ve made turns every day, giggling into the collar of my parka. But after such warm temps, much of the snow in the main runs has been scraped down to rock. The quality has been skied out of the snow.

Now it’s time; we need more snow.

Snow forecast Sunday Morning

Snow forecast Sunday Morning

So Saturday night we lit a bonfire in the front yard, burned skis and snowboards, lifted shotskis and champagne, prayed to Ullr and Hecate and anyone else who might be listening. We asked for snow. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the next day, but soon. We need more snow soon.

In fact Crystal closed this week as we wait for our next snowfall.

And as if by magic this morning the forecast models are showing some promise, finally offering up colorful blobs of moisture and plunging temperatures. The latest extended GFS run is modeling snow starting early Saturday morning and continuing through Sunday. Sunday especially looks cold and snowy and very promising. Click on the photo above to check it out. At this point Sunday looks especially good, which admittedly is still a million light years away in forecast-years.

But still. Would the joy of Christmas be nearly as good if it was a surprise? No indeed. It is the promise, the hope, the longing for and finally the delivery of a powder day that makes it so awesome. So starting today, I’ve got my hopes set on this weekend.

Maybe Ullr really was listening to our heartfelt chants this weekend. I’d like to think he was.

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  1. Kim

    What a difference a week makes–from the 19th to the 25th! I hate to rain on your parade, but I hope you noticed the NWS has moved the arrival of the much anticipated cold front back at least 12 hours.

    It was a “10” day on Palmer at TL on Thanksgiving–just wishing you had been there.

    • Glad to hear that about Thanksgiving. Of course, I’ve been watching the forecast very closely. All my fingers and toes are crossed that at least some of the moisture holds off until the cold air arrives. Monday could be a good day. Regardless I have a feeling that we will all soon be getting enough snow for “10” days for everyone.

      • Thanks for getting back to me–you are such a sweetheart! Are you still hosting the radio show? I still have some “ULLR” medals from the 60’s. I’m going to go rub those babies so Crystal gets enough snow to open next week. Glad to see you are kind of a weather watcher like me. Have you used ‘’? I like it because it has all the NW ski areas with their telemetry and Camp Muir above you–check it out.

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