Scary Gondola Ride

Gondola in wind


Mountain weather is the real deal. Wind, snow, sun, even rain can change a beautiful scene to a pretty darn scary one.  I found this video on unofficialnetworks and had to share it.

We often have to shut the upper mountain down at Crystal due to high winds. And sometimes that seems questionable, especially from the relative calm of the valley bottom. Take a look at this video and consider whether you’d rather be riding in this cabin in high wind wishing you were “down there” or standing at the bottom wishing you were “up there.” Yikes.

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    • I just checked them out. Holy cow Batman. They probably uploaded this video as a way to show how the evil barons are setting out to ruin the world by trying to provide uphill transportation for terrible things like “recreation”. What misguided misogynists. Ahhh the internet, is right.

  1. Ha! I saw this video a couple years ago. In fact, it’s still the bookmark I use to get to Yotube in my browser. Seeing that craziness makes me thankful I’ve never been stuck on the gondola in wind like that!

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