Ms. Superpark

Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy Fasani catching air

Fearlessly flying where no woman has gone before, Kimmy Fasani can lay claim as the first female to ever land a double backflip on a snowboard in both park and powder, solidifying her spot at the forefront of progression. Known for her flair that helped her nab the 2011 Ms. Superpark standout award, along with video parts in Standard Films’ 2010, 2011, and 2012 releases, Kimmy is undoubtedly one of the best snowboarders in the world.


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In 2012 she became the fifth female athlete ever to grab a Transworld Snowboarding Magazine cover. Although Kimmy suffered a severe knee injury last season, she stayed

Kimmy Fasani, Whistler, BC

Kimmy Fasani, Snowboarding Cover Shot

productive in 2013 by focusing on her recovery and growing support for the sport she loves. She gained a new sponsor through her recovery process, Specialized, who helped her use a mountain bike to ride to full recovery.  Kimmy also spent her down time supporting her community of female rippers by hosting the last stop of the Boarding For Breast Cancer Shred the Love Tour, and an all Ladies Progression Session called Amusement Park.

Born in Truckee, CA Kimmy Fasani now lives in Mammoth Lakes. In 2012 she became the fifth female athlete ever to grab a Transworld Snowboarding Magazine cover. Kimmy is married to professional big mountain and backcountry skier Chris Benchetler, and they are co-owners of an organic bakery in Mammoth called Mimi’s Cookie Bar.  Passionate about giving back, Kimmy is determined to help the younger generations get outdoors and grow through the sports she lives for.  When she isn’t snowboarding, Kimmy enjoys mountain biking, climbing, yoga, and surfing.


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I love to see women pushing the progression of their sport. And Kimmy Fasani definitely fits the bill.  Join me this week on The Edge Radio as I talk to Kimmy about snowboarding, overcoming injury and staying passionate.

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