Finding Redemption in the Mountains

Brandon Stogsdill

Brandon Stogsdill

Brandon Stogsdill was a teenage criminal. He sold


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drugs, he got in fights, and he started carrying a gun at the age of 16. His gun made him feel powerful, but it brought trouble.

At 17, he was arrested, tried as an adult for assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to four years in prison. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to him.

In his prison cell he would dream about the mountains—the white snow, the blue skies—and knew he needed to change his life. While growing up in Tacoma, snowboarding and racing BMX bikes made him feel truly alive. He would do anything to continue his sports.

The Boy with the Gun

Author Brandon Stogsdill

While languishing in prison, Brandon made a vow to himself. He would change. He would not continue down his path of crime. Instead, he chose education over crime and snowboarding over fights. He dreamed of a new future for himself. At the same time, he decided to share his love of action sports and make a difference for others.

When Brandon was released from prison, he enrolled in college and began a career in psychology. Today he works as a counselor at Sound Mental Health.

Brandon introduces young kids with mental health issues to action sports. Through the Burton Chill program, Brandon shares his love of mountains and snowboarding with his clients. Brandon wrote a book about his experience, called THE BOY WITH THE GUN.


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I am interviewing Brandon on The Edge Radio this Wednesday at 8am. Find out how Brandon went from wreaking havoc to making a difference and how action sports paved the way.

You don’t want to miss this show.

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