If I Had a Superpower I’d Make it Snow



High Snow Level

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If I had a superpower, I’d want to control the weather.

Especially in the winter. If I had a superpower, it would snow every night. At least 6 inches. Every third day or so it would dump hard, accumulating a few feet. A real powder blanket to cover over the previous turns and jibes and protect me from rocks and other sharp poky things.

If I had a superpower, it would snow all day, except it would stop right before I took my first turn, clear up to a sparkling blue for the length of my run, then start up again as soon as I loaded the chairlift.

Whenever I needed to navigate or see where I was going, the snow would let up. Maybe it would snow and be sunny at the same time! Hey, this is my fantasy. I can do whatever I want.

It would also not snow on my pants as I sat on the chairlift. I’d have an invisible bubble over my legs. That would be nice.

Snow and skiing

Just enough sun for me

Sometimes I fantasize about this a little too much. Am I the only one that thinks like this?  I probably spend way too much time playing with all of the intricacies of my imagination.

But since summer is fading, and the days are shorter and the leaves are already starting to change (I don’t think they got the memo that summer is not officially over for a few weeks yet), I’m transitioning into winter. Along with this transition is the reinvigoration of my weather-control fantasies.

Just yesterday I spent an entire hour reworking my fantasy. In this particular iteration, I also had the ability to change the terrain. If I had a superpower, Crystal would have a glacier on it, folks.

Maybe this is normal. Perhaps this is my way of easing into my favorite season. Or maybe I’m a really sick individual and I missed my calling as a meteorologist.

Either way.

Colder than normal temperatures predicted for the PNW

Colder than normal temperatures predicted for the PNW

Speaking of which, I’ve been looking at the long-term climate models for the PNW.

Both the almanac and NOAA are predicting normal precipitation and below normal temperatures. This is good news, and it fits right inline with my fantasy.

During a normal year, we get plenty of precip during the winter. That’s not the problem. The issue is the temperature.

In a nutshell: It snows, it’s great, then it rains, and it sucks.

So, this prediction could mean good things for us. I see it something like this: it snows, it’s great, it snows some more, it’s even better.

Maybe this is wish-fulfillment going on here. If so, you’re welcome.

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  1. I like your dream! Don’t get to optimistic about forecasts especially when the word “normal” is used. Normal is just another word for average and that is just the mathematical middle of extremes. I’d take a few weeks of consistent snow over a big dump or two anytime! Cheers to a short fall and long winter:)

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