Deep Thoughts on a Chairlift


Chairlifts are great places to engage in deep thoughts. Or shallow thoughts, even. I came across this video recently and had to share it. The narrator, a self-declared ski bum challenged by complicated math problems, shows here that the purpose of a chairlift is more than just uphill transportation. It’s a chance to go deep. Really deep. As evidenced by this string of thoughts, “I love skiing powder. I love powder skiing. That one powder day in ’96 when my third run down the stairs was top ten ever. Or was that ’99? I’ve spent 104 straight days, 24 hours a day riding a chairlift…that’s a pretty cool thought.”

Check it out. What are your deep chairlift thoughts?

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  1. Not a typical ski vid.

    My home mountain has a chairlift that is over 10,000 feet long and takes 22 minutes to deliver 2900′ vertical. I once dictated a speech that I was writing into a mini recorder while riding that chair.

      • The Burfield Chair at Sun Peaks is a fixed grip quad built by Dopplemire in the mid 90s to replace the original 2 seat chair that was 30 years old at the time and took 20 minutes. Also, the spacing between chairs at one minute is likely the longest anywhere. So visiters to Sun Peaks usually only ride the chair once and never come back, leaving long time locals their own private chairlift with no lineups (unless you are skiing with 8 people or more in which case you have brought your own lift line with you), no matter how busy the rest of the resort gets.

        Because of its slow speed it means less wear and tear making it a very reliable chairlift.

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