Freedom in a Vertical World


Andres Marin takes a stab at it


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Many climbers find freedom in the mountains. From scaling vertical walls of impenetrable ice and exploring high alpine glaciers to climbing granite walls, the vertical world offers environments found nowhere else on earth. But for Andres Marin, who grew up amidst a war torn Columbia, where local peaks were often closed to tourists, the mountains offer a different kind of freedom.

Climbing and exploring peaks around the world has allowed 29 year-old Marin to see beyond human conflict into a world of beauty and grandeur. Andres grew up in Ibaque Columbia and started climbing mountains at 16 years of age in the Andes.


Andres Marin, doing what he does best. Smiling.

It wasn’t until he moved to Colorado ten years ago, that he realized true freedom in the mountains. Andres works as a mountain guide and a professional climber. He has competed in five ice climbing world cups and two world championships. When not competing, Andres spends his time searching for new places to explore around the world, spending over 200 days a year in the mountains.


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Join me this Wednesday on The Edge Radio when I interview Andres about his life in the vertical world. His enthusiasm is a beacon-light for others to follow, and once you hear Andres talk, you’ll want to rush out and try ice climbing. Guaranteed.

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