Rowing Across the Atlantic

Pat Fleming

Pat Fleming

Listen now

Listen now

On January 23rd, 2013 Pat Fleming and a crew of three other rowers set off from the coast of Africa to row their open ocean self-supported boat across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. The crew collected data, weathered storms, broke oars, and survived the maddening doldrums until just a few days from shore the worst happened. They were hit by a rogue wave and capsized.

The mission of the Africa to the Americas expedition, sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, was to row their 29 feet boat 3659 nautical miles from Dakar, Africa to Miami. Along the way the crew collected data to be used for education and other purposes.
Their main goal was to inspire others to seek their own adventures in the outdoors. Pat and his fellow crew members rowing in 2-4 hour shifts day in and day out. The trip was to take 60-80 days. On day 73, only a week away from Miami, the boat capsized and the crew was unable to right it.
The crew about the James Robert Hanssen

The crew about the James Robert Hanssen

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