High-Five Report: Shirley Sundt


Shirley Sundt is my hero. She came to skiing later in life, but once she started, she never stopped. Now she’s in her 80’s, has battled cancer three times, and most recently she wouldn’t stop for chemo to save her last breast because she’d already bought her season’s pass. Instead, she told the doctor to, “just lop it off.” She didn’t want to miss a season at Crystal Mountain.

I recently wrote a story about Shirley for Powder Magazine. Check it out here, and see if you don’t just feel a little more inspired. I dare you.

Photo 1_

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  1. I think we should have a day of ” Ski With a Living Legend” next winter and have Shirley lead us all down the hill! She is my hero, too. I have been her coach for nearly 15 years and she has taught more about life than I ever taught her about skiing.

  2. Hi Kim, I’m not sure you’ll get this but am hoping it’ll find its way. I was wondering if you’ll be able to attend Shirley’s Celebration of Life. Hope so. If you can, I was wondering if you’d read the story you wrote about Shirley. If not, do you think your Mom would ? Thanks, Patti Moffett

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