Meet Chuck Patterson: Legendary Waterman

Chuck Patterson Surfing

In the Green Room

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Listen now

Chuck Patterson is the quintessential Renaissance man of action sports. Give him a ski, a surfboard or, heck, a wooden park bench, and Chuck will carve, sculpt, and engrave his turns into water and snow with style and confidence. Chuck competes at the pro level in five different sports: stand up paddling, tow-in surfing, kite surfing, skiing and snowboarding.

Chuck Skiing Jaws

Chuck developed special skis, with alpine boots and bindings, in order to ski waves


Chuck once held the world record highest jump

The son of a nuclear physicist father and professional ski racer mother, Chuck combines calculated risk with amazing talent. Whether tow-in surfing on big waves such as Jaws and Mavericks or skiing off a 70-foot cliff, it seems there’s nothing that this man can’t do.

Chuck’s interests go beyond single-discipline sports. He wants to innovate, taking his sports to new dimensions.

Chuck recently rode Kircher-show-descriptionJaws, not on a surfboard, but on specially designed skis, complete with alpine ski boots, bindings and poles. Photos of Chuck have appeared on numerous magazine covers and he continues to win contests.

Don’t miss The Edge this week as I interview Chuck Patterson and find out more about what it takes to dominate so many spots, how to manage the fear factor and what it takes to be a professional athlete. You aren’t going to want to miss this one.

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