Nerves of Steel



Topping out at over 200mph, Unlimited Hydroplanes are the fastest boats on the water. Racing a course several miles long, alongside other boats going just as fast, Hydro racers like Ryan Mallow face a thrilling Ryan_Mallowdanger every time they step into their boats.

Once Mallow crosses the start line, he goes all out, literally keeping the “pedal to the metal” at all times. These boats maintain their impressive speed by hydroplaning on the water, forming a cushion of air under the boat, allowing them to fly.

Piloting a hydroplane across the water at these speeds is more akin to flying a jet than driving a boat. But Ryan must strike a tenuous balance between water and air. Too low and he won’t win a race; too high and he could blow over.

Kircher-show-descriptionThe key to winning is maintaining nerves of steel. Join me Wednesday at 8AM on The Edge when I talk to hydroplane racer Ryan Mallow about  what it takes to race Unlimited Hydros. Call in live at 1-888-346-9144 on Wednesday at 8AM.

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  1. continueing: and I will be listening tomorrow at 8 AM to your 2nd! Does this give you a break from patrolling or do you do the Edge on your day off?

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