Be Safe, Live Wild


Roger Strong nearly lost his life in an avalanche at Snoqualmie Pass. A year later he returns to the tree that tore his tibias from his femurs and reflects on his decisions, his assumption of risk and his return to the mountains. As Roger puts it, “We are all going to make mistakes…it’s truly learning from them that makes life sweet.”

Each one of us must weigh the risks of our sport against the rewards. For Roger, the mountains are a place of happiness and meaning. My encounters with him in the mountains have always been punctuated with his infectious enthusiasm and his willingness to go a little further. This video, produced by Fitz Cahall at Duct Tape Then Beer, offers an elegant view of risk assessment, courage and Roger’s enthusiasm. Have a look.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Rosie. I’m glad you found me. Looks like you’re a ski patroller too with many of the same interests. Let me know if you ever make it to Crystal. I’d love to take some runs with you.

      • Sounds good! You probably don’t remember me but I use to work at Crystal about 3 years ago. I was a barista, then a ski instructor. The patrollers at Crystal really encouraged and inspired me to become a patroller myself. I will let you know when I make it out there again!

  1. Really enjoy your blog! Some of my ski friends and I just took the Sidecountry Avalanche class through Don Langlois / Ridge Explorations/ Sturdevants. Excellent class, even if you stay inbounds at Crystal. All of us have fallen under “Powders Spell” at one time or another, the class will help us to be more aware as we enjoy the beauty Crystal has to offer.

    • Thanks Patti. The ski patrol also offers a class. We just had our Level 1 last weekend. Taking an avalanche course is an opportunity to realize just how much we don’t know. A good one should be a lesson in humility. I’m glad to hear your class was useful.

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