Opening Day


3″ of new snow overnight

Crystal opens today. Overnight we picked up another 3″ of snow, and it is currently snowing hard. Green Valley skied very well yesterday with plenty of coverage. About 7″ of snow now covers over the crust from Monday’s warmup, and yesterday afternoon the skiing was good. According to Martin Rand, the valley was “fabulous”. The lower mountain is pretty thin, however.

The plan for the rest of the mountain is to get it open as soon as possible. I imagine the coverage in Northway is plenty deep, and I hope to be on the crew of evaluating the terrain later today.

Yesterday my mom called me to ask if, “it would be worth it to come up for opening day.” I answered her with an emphatic, “yes”. The upper mountain came through very well in these storms. The warmer temperatures deposited some heavy, wet glop that has covered over the rocks and grass nicely. Now, with the snow from yesterday and last night, we should be in for a great first day.

See you all on the slopes.

You people are amazing. Thanks for commenting.

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