Over the Edge Raises Funds for Special Olympics


Last weekend Over the Edge 2012 raised $225,000 for Special Olympic athletes in Washington State, enough money to support 360 athletes at Special Olympics for one year. Each one of the 160 participants rappelled 40 stories down the 1000 2nd Ave. building in Seattle and raised a minimum of $1250. One participant, Dale Doornek, rappelled the 490 feet in a wheelchair. Paraplegic since a 1994 motorcycle accident, Dale told King 5 News, “People with any type of physical disability, mental disability, don’t let that stop you.”

Judging from the video below, looks to me like Dale had a pretty good view on the way down.

Click on photo to watch video













Special Olympics offers athletes the opportunity to develop physical fitness and demonstrate courage and joy. What better way to raise funds than to ask the same of the participants. To put yourself out there, to risk something  for the good of another, what better way to express yourself in the world?

Every year this event has sold out. It’s a great cause and an awesome event. Thank you Special Olympics for the work you do, bringing out the heroes in every one of us. High five. You guys are my heroes.

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