Happy Birthday America


Happy Birthday People. This is the time of year when we pretend to get along. At least once a year, let’s put aside partisan politics and remember that we’re all on the same team. At least theoretically. Kind of like when little Johnny lights the nearby woods on fire with his bottle rocket that Dad bought him down on the Rez and all the neighbors come together to fight the good fight (or at least to keep the flames from getting any closer to that stack of “Safe and Insane” Fireworks stashed in the garage that The Missus doesn’t know about). This is when we pull together people and put aside our Obama/Romney hate speak and pretend like we like each other.

Like any good American family.

Oh and also. Don’t keep a stash of fireworks in the garage that your spouse doesn’t know about. That’s just stupid. Look at Colorado.

Oh and one last thing. Be careful out there. 4th of July is exciting enough without blowing someone’s finger off. You don’t want to spend the night at the Emergency room. Trust me on this one.

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  1. Hey KIm, hope you had a good Fourth watching the fireworks from a boat on Lake Union! (assume, based on FB). I spent a few years on the barge they used to have parked at Gasworks back when I was an events manager for one of the corporate sponsors, fantastic!

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