Weekly High-Five Report: It’s Not the End of the World


Turns out the Mayan Calendar doesn’t expire at the end of 2012. In fact, according to National Geographic, who funded the discovery, the ancient calendar continues thousands of years.

Well, that’s a relief. I was starting to worry I’d never ski again.

Nat Geo isn’t just spinning out reality shows like Alaska State Troopers and Outlaw Bikers, they’re also allaying the fears of some 21% of the world population that seems to think the world is going to end in an Apocalypse in their lifetime.

A Brave New World

Archaeologists have uncovered an older version of the Mayan Calendar in the jungles of Guatemala, which is much more extensive than previous versions. While it shows something is ending on December 12th, 2012–namely a Baktun or “cycle of time”–something else is starting. Whether it’s just another Baktun or en entirely new age, that remains to be seen. Perhaps this new age will bring along a change for the better. I know we could all use some good news. And just like the dream that accompanies the purchase of a lottery ticket, we now have a little over  seven months to contemplate the new age we’ll usher in on December 13th. I’m hoping it looks a little bit like this:

  • Global warming ends
  • It snows a minimum of 6″ every night in the mountains for the next four months
  • A cure for cancer is found
  • An engine that runs on sea water is discovered
  • I learn to talk to animals
  • I learn to surf big waves

That’s just a preliminary list. I have a few more months to dream.

So high-five Nat Geo and all those geeky ancient Mayan scientists/soothsayers. Bravo.

Now let’s stop worrying about the end of an age and start making our new one better.

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  1. I received your book from my husband, John, (he’s on Crystal’s road crew) for Mother’s Day. It was as good as I expected after reading your blog. The only problem was that it was so good I couldn’t put it down and was late for my boss’s birthday party! My nephew has leukemia and his description of pancreatitus is similar to yours. I will be sharing your book with my family (yes, I know I should make them get their own!) because I think they will like it as much as much

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