The Bota Bag Gets Serious


Just me, my bota bag and Mt. Rainier

I’m serious about this bota bag thing. Saturday I skied with my new blue bag, and it was a whole new world. I can’t believe I made it this long without one of these things. They’re functional, fun and dare I say it, fashionable. Next season, you will see these bags everywhere. Leopard skin bota bags, polka dot bota bags, bota bags in jewel tones and maybe, if we’re lucky, we might even see furry bota bags again.

Sunday I emptied the garbage can at the top of Forest Queen, and guess what it contained? Beer cans. Now why can’t we all just use a reusable bota bag instead of these one-time aluminum cans? Why not pour your libation of choice into this convenient pouch and drink with flair and style, rather than chug and go?

As fate would have it, a film crew arrived on Saturday, ready to get some footage of John and I skiing, and I just so happened to be wearing my bota bag. It flops a little as I ski, but it certainly quenches my thirst after a long run of shussing.

Next season is Crystal’s 50th Anniversary. I can see bota bags with the old Crystal logo on them for sale in our shop. Everyone’s going to be wearing them next year. You might just want to start searching in your storage bin now. Because what’s old is new again. Bring back the bota bag!

Check out this video in which I demo the bag in all its glory.

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  1. How will we ever get the funky smell out of Dad’s old Phi Kappa Psi bota ? Any ideas on that one, Kimbo? By the way, I hope it was a good Chardonnay.

      • Rinse with warm water, then fill with 1-2 oz. of sweet liquer, like vermouth. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse again with warm water. These are the directions that came with my new bag to “cure” it. Might work to re-cure it too.

  2. Being a Spaniard, I feel totally ashamed for have carrying a camelback instead my beautiful bota as it is hanging as nice decor in my kitchen bar…until now. I am joining you on the bota return. Viva la bota!

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  4. Hello, I bought a new genuine bota bag w/ latex inside. Sadly, Water tastes like rubber, do you know how to eliminate this taste?

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