Weekly High-Five Report: Hope on the Slopes


“Hope on the Slopes” is a ski and snowboarding event benefiting the American Cancer Society. This past weekend at Crystal Mountain participants and donors raised over $55,000.00 to fight cancer. I had the honor of participating in HOTS this year and felt the great vibes from survivors, loved ones and volunteers. I was honored to be a part of it.

Participants worked in teams and alone to raise funds and ski vertical. Prizes were awarded for most money raised, most vertical, and best costume to name a few.

If I get buried in an avalanche, I want Newman Baugher and his human, Lynn, to come looking for me

The day was packed with activities, including an Avalanche Dog Demonstration. Newman Baugher, a certified Avalanche Rescue Dog at Crystal Mountain, showed the crowd how he finds victims buried in the snow. Even working into the wind, Newman found his buried query in record time. This is a dog that LOVES to search.

Also, thanks to Warm 106.9 for all your support and especially to Jonathan West for emceeing the awards banquet.

Here’s a big high-five to all those that made this event happen this year. Bravo HOTS participants. Let’s kick some cancer butt.

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