Snow Storm: It’s Dumping


I love a good dump.

With the upper mountain on wind hold today and a foot and a half of new snow, tomorrow could be a good day of skiing. Or is that too much of an understatement?

Here’s a photo of the snow stake at my apartment in Employee Housing. I cleared this off last night. It started snowing in earnest this morning and hasn’t quit. Most of the morning it was snowing 10-year-olds.

Unfortunately the wind is still nuking (that’s a technical term for high) with gusts in the 80s and averages in the 50s. Named hurricanes have weaker winds.

The radar still shows more moisture headed this way, so we might not have seen the last of the snow. One thing I know for sure: there’s no problem in the world that more snow can’t fix.

Bring it.

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  1. Let’s hope patrol makes contingencies for lower mountain-only tomorrow if the wind keeps up (e.g. opening Boondoggle). 🙂

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