Weekly High-Five Report: “The Mountain Runners” Documentary


The Mountain Runners is a film by Pedal Power Productions, showcasing the history of a grueling race which was the forerunner of today’s Ski to Sea.

In 1911 it was called the Mount Baker Marathon. That year 14 competitors traveled by car or rail from Bellingham to the base of Mount Baker, then up the mountain and back again. It lasted only three years, and that first year the prize was $100 in gold coins.

The film is set to be the released the last week of May 2012 in time for the annual Ski to Sea race which can be traced back to the Mount Baker Marathon.

The film makers need a little more help to bring this project to fruition and have started a page over at kickstarter.com in hopes of pushing their film over the edge. Check out the film trailer and find out more on their website. With all the ski movies and pov edits out there online these days, its worth a look at how they did it old school. I mean really old school.

Bravo guys for making this film happen. I, for one, look forward to seeing it soon.

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