Book Signings, Presentations and Shameless Opportunities to Ski Across the West


The best part about writing a book about my life in the ski industry is that the book tour takes place at ski areas. After a brief respite from the tour during the holidays and the month of January in which it forgot to snow anywhere in the Lower 48 besides Crystal Mountain, I’m back at it.

Tomorrow night I’ll be at the Seattle REI for a presentation hosted by Washington Ski Touring Club. Join me for my slide show presentation on how ski patrolling taught me to live just 15 minutes at a time. I will also be selling books, so stop on by and say hello. It’s free, but please RSVP.

John and Kim Kircher, Big Sky, Montana

On Saturday February 4th, I’ll be at the Summit Hotel in Big Sky, Montana for a book signing. According the weather forecast, it very likely will be a bluebird powder day on Saturday. Therefore, I’ve scheduled the signing for the aprés ski hours. That way I can enjoy blue skies and great skiing all day and still sell books in the afternoon. See how that works? This ain’t my first rodeo, as they say in big sky country.

The fun continues the following weekend when I go to Brighton, Utah for a book signing on Saturday February 11th. I’ll be there in the afternoon resting after what will hopefully be another great day of skiing. If you’re in Utah, stop by the Brighton Center and hover around my table. That way others will want to stop by and see what all the hoopla is about. Otherwise I’m just a sad smiler holding a plastic flag that says, “please, buy my book, please.” And no one wants to see that. Not even after a great day of skiing.

Cypress Mountain, Vancouver B.C.

February 25th I’ll be in Vancouver at Cypress Mountain at the Cypress Creek Lodge for a book signing and wine-tasting, which is brilliant, right? Why didn’t I think of that before? Instead of just a free basket of candy to lure to kids over (which, of course, brings the parents who will at least listen to my pitch as their kids unwrap free Hershey kisses and Clif bars), at Cypress there will also be wine on hand. Or at least there will be wine in my hand. Just saying.

So there you have it: Kim Kircher’s Boyne West sweep. Maybe I should make t-shirts with my tour dates listed on the back. Takers?

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